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Hi, I have joined this forum as I was looking for information on CKD and hearing other people’s stories. I am only very new to this, having had glomerulonephritis for many years but only in recent times have more symptoms started to appear. Well having said that, that diagnosis is not 100% definite as I haven’t had a biopsy to confirm but looks to be the case. At this point in time my kidney function is still fine (GFR >60) but I do have high blood pressure and macroalbuminuria. I am hopeful of staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible! (I am 35 years old) cheers

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Hello Clairegr, I have just seen your post about your worries over CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). I think you would be less worried if you do some research into it on the internet and also see the many posts on the subject on this forum. I am surprised that you have not come across this common kidney disease before given your other health problems. The first place to start is with the doctor who gave you the CKD diagnosis - tell him or her that you do not know what to do and see if he or she gives you any practical advice.

If you are in the UK, there is a lot of general information on the 'NHS Choices' site, and by googling in 'Dietary information for Chronic Kidney Disease' you can find out what diet you should follow. In the USA a very good site is 'Davita.com' which gives lots of information on CKD and other kidney problems.

The general dietary recommendation for CKD is to cut out red meats (small portions of fish, and poultry, cottage cheese and a few eggs a week are acceptable). Use as little salt as possible and do not add any in cooking or at the table ( use a little lemon juice, pepper or mild herbs for flavouring). DO NOT USE SALT SUBSTITUTES OR ARTIFICIAL SUGAR as these are both bad for kidneys. Avoid using alcohol and quit smoking! Eat as many sorts of vegetables as your particular diet will allow, and also a portion of white rice or pasta (better for the kidneys than the wholewheat kind, apparently). Avoid high potassium veg and fruits (my problem), and if they are used they must be soaked in a big bowl of water to leach out the potassium. Judging by your other health problems, I presume you are already broadly following this regime so go back to your renal team and ask their advice - having been diagnosed with CKD almost 2 years ago at age 75, I seem to be doing OK as are many other on this forum, so try not to worry just take sensible steps to keep fit and follow the dietary advice that applies to you. Best wishes for the future, and do keep us informed of your progress - Curleytop1.


I am a male age 76 and was diagnosed at stage 3b (GFR 50) 2 years ago by my Primary Doctor, who put me on a renal diet that was appropriate for me. Basically I have to watch phosphorus, sodium and to lesser extent potassium. Was also prescribed appropriate non statin medicine for cholesterol and omega 3, plus vitamin D. Am also on appropriate exercise routine. So far the progression has slowed. Everyone's condition is different, and Doctor should prescribe accordingly.

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go to link"Dvita GLOMERULAR FILTRATION CALCULATION FORMULA " u will get more details about the condition , How u are going to be healthy ?

Avoid potasium rich foods dont eat red meat ,

u will get many other useful links related to kidney problems once u go to the said link

wish u good health

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hi newbe..wellcome..i think its a good idea to go back to specialst or doc and ask for easy to understand info to put your mind at rest..worry dlesnt do you any good..take care chris

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