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Raised creatinine and urea

My partner had her bloods taken just before Christmas because she felt very nauseous and thirsty. I phoned up the next day and the doctor said the results were normal they checked FBC GLUCOSE THYROID LIVER AND RENAL. So last week I went and picked a copy of the results up and

Creatinine 144umol or 1.62

Urea 8.3 or 22

Both of which were off the limits, I phoned the doctor who said I can have another blood test and they usually look at blood test results in context and all the other results were normal. Does anyone have any advice?

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Also i will add she’s 32 female and very athletic and in good shape and otherwise healthy, the nausea has gone but she’s still drinking more but no where near as much as she was when she had the bloods taken. Also results about 13 months ago were in normal ranges. It’s given an estimated GFR of 36. She’s also been taking raspberry ketone supplements for about 2 years.




I think she needs to stop the raspberry ketones to start with. When your renal function is under review they advise against supplements. Starting point is low salt diet and plenty of fluids. My mom has high creatinine levels and has started drinking Camomile tea. My moms renal nurse was surprised that her bloods remained stable over Christmas, so I think they expect fluctuation around that time...I'm new also so have limited advice. Good luck x


Hi, I think it takes a doctor who really knows kidney numbers. You might ask if the doctor can refer to a kidney doctor. My numbers had been off, and after a year of trying to change things my doctor orders an ultrasound, which led me to a kidney doctor. Excruciating pain developed, trace of blood in urune, but not to naked eye. I had a CAT scan which showed a suzeable kidney stone down low. Went in for outpatient surgery, somehow had passed a sizable stone and never knew it. He looked around at kidneys though. One kidney is slacking, he put in stent. So, I guess my point, continue on to a different doctor who is a kidney doctor. Once I had passed the kidney stone, I probably would have thought I was fine, but I do need to continue with kidney doctor. I am older, extremely active and fit. Great luck!

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