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Help needed


I'm searching for answers or opinions.

I've been short of breath for over 2 months. I'm absolutely exhausted. I have shoulder and neck aches and pains that are becoming worse.

I had a ctpa done negative, chest x ray negative, ecg normal except bradycardia. (Hypothyroid so that's my norm).

Bloods show:

high iron 35.7

High transferrin 3.0

Creatinine 104

Egfr 57

Some years ago a Dr tonight I had IGA nephropathy was not biopsied.

Kidneys or blood disorder or both ?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers Lizzie.

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Low thyroid can cause these things and more. Has anyone suggested you need hormone?

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Yeah I have hashimotos on 100mg thyroxine daily


Have you had ESR and CRP blood tests done to check for inflammation? What age group are you in? There is an autoimmune condition that can manifest itself in pain in the areas you describe along with breathlessness in some people. Do get those two blood tests done if not done already. Also get your Vit D levels checked - any deficiency can cause pain, especially if that deficiency is severe.


What do the auto immune disease your meaning ?


There is more than one so best to get the blood tests done first and then come back with those so that we might be able to narrow it down from our experience. But knowing your age is important and any other symptoms, but do go back and seek advice and those blood tests from your GP.


Vitamin D good suggestion. Parathyroid can go bad with CKD. I am now on Rocaltrol which is the prescription version of D I believe, plus 2000 IU of OTC D daily. As far as your Hashimotos, I have Graves and recent norms for TSH are much lower and I know I have always felt better at close to TSH of 1.0 The things you describe are what I experience when hypothyroid. Hope you feel better!

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TSH doesn't tell you much about your thyroid overall.

You need the Free T3 & Free T4 tests done. T3 #'s should be in the

top range & the T4 in mid range.


It's the shortness of breath that's the worst. It's now causing me problems at work. Bit scary also. I get the feeling like I can't swallow to. Maybe anxiety ? Thanks


Oh I'm 42


Hi, I had a kidney removed in 2014. Besides CKD, I also have Afib episodes. I am 76. I just like you, extremely tired. They did an overnight oxygen test on me. My oxygen was low. I am now on nightly oxygen and my energy has returned. Simple test maybe discuss with your doctor. Low oxygen in your blood can cause this feeling. I am doing so much better, I have also lost weight and I feel great. Good luck XXOO Buddy

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Hi Lizziesydney,

You mention your doctor suggested IGANephropathy. I have IGA Nephropathy. It is an autoimmune disease. It is often linked to certain food and environmental intolerances. There have been small studies have been done linking gluten and dairy intolerances to aggravating IGAN. I have multiple food intolerances. When I eat too much if these foods, I get the symptoms you are suggesting which are linked to inflamation in the body.

If you google "IGA. Nephropathy & food intolerances," you will find some articles regarding this. Might be worth a shot to give up gluten and or dairy for a two weeks to see if it helps at all.

Good luck

Side note: certain foods at certain times of the year cause breathing issues for me. I.e. Apples during ragweed season. I can eat them the rest of the year, but during that time I have trouble breathing, itchy throats and body aches.


Sound like heart problems i had the same and did get stent in heart


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