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Renal Ultrasound


I am new to this site. Thank you.

Long story short, I have lost the right kidney to bladder cancer. I did have to go for a Renal Ultrasound because my GFR dropped 10 points since my last visit. My question is that the Ultrasound says that my kidneys are normal no mention of the right kidney missing. However, the measurements were, "The right kidney measures 12 20 x 6 by 1 x 5x 1 cm. The Left kidney measures 12.1 x 4.6 x 6.0 cm." Essentially negative renal and bladder ultrasound. So, what does that mean ??? Do I have the right report or do I have someone elses. TY so much Buddygramma

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That certainly sounds like a result that needs confirmation - how can ultrasound reveal the size results of two kidneys when there is only one in situ?! Unless, of course, there were three kidneys present before the right nephrectomy (a few people are born with 3 kidneys). You need to investigate this with the experts to confirm they are definitely your results.

With regard to your eGFR suddenly dropping 10 points, that also needs further investigation. Have you been taking any medication that could cause this, such as the anti-inflammatory, Ibuprofen, or Trimethoprim (for UTI)? However, in the case of Trimethoprim, the eGFR usually returns to the previous level after discontinuing the medication.

Good luck, and do let us know how you get on.


Celtic could be right. I was born with a renal binary system. (Three kidneys) X-Rays and Ultrasound showed one kidney on its own, the other is two complete kidney systems encased in one sac. The single kidney is very much enlarged due to repeated untreated kidney infections (6 years in Canada, with no available effective antibiotics... this was 1956-1962. Once home again (UK) intravenous X-Rays revealed the true extent of the problem.

Definitely pursue this, you need to know the details.........It IS YOUR body that is involved.

A binary system is nothing to worry about, unless there are complications or disease sets in. I have lived with mine for 85 years now, and any infections are treated OK.

All the best to you.


Hallo Buddygramma, I do agree with the other replies. You have not said how old you are, and age does have an effect on the kidneys. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE DOCTORS TREATING YOU TO GET SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN SO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING. This will help give you peace of mind.

The best thing is to write down all your queries and concerns and get a senior person at your renal unit to go through them with you - there is a tendency for busy hospital departments to treat everyone as if they are all the same and have no personal input into what they are being told about their health, or lack of it!

I am female, aged 76 with v. high blood-pressure which has been successfully treated for over 30 years, and, until April 2016, had no idea I was being monitored for CKD for at least 5 years previously, so the news that I was at stage 3 came as a shock and surprise, so did the attitude of my Doctor,who gave me no advice other than to cut down on potassium, with no ideas on how I was to do this! Thank goodness for the internet. Hours spent researching gave me a basic diet plan which I stick to, but am not fanatical about as I've realised it stresses me too much so I have the occasional food treat (usually when I am away from home). The realisation that I was far from alone helped as well. I have learned lots of things from this forum and realise that many other people, much younger than me, are in a far worse situation.

I do hope you will be able to get some help to come to terms with your situation and practical advice about diet and lifestyle which is individual to you - we all react and behave mentally and bodily -

best wishes, Curleytop1.

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Hugs All sorry I didn't reply right away. I am waiting on that phone call from my nephrologist to call. Just a little history, I am 76, I have had 5 different cancer starting in 1999. My right kidney was removed in 2014. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced a Ultrasound reading like mine. I am sure there is an explanation for it. Thank You for caring. Have a great day.

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Ok all I got a response, they apparently copied the measurements in error from my earlier Ultrasound. No biggie. All is well and normal. TY all

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Hello Buddygramma, I am so pleased for you that all is well and normal - what a relief, although, after all your earlier problems, it is monstrous that you should have been put in such a stressful state just because of carelessness and sloppy procedures! At the very least, they should be very apologetic and make sure they treat you with care and respect in the future. If they do not, it is best to be very polite but point out to them that their seeming indifference causes you great stress and worry. I find when you get personal with 'experts', you usually get treated as an individual patient with a worrying (to you) problem and not just 'one of the crowd' that they have to see. Hope all goes well for you in the future - Curleytop1.


TY Curly, It all worked well. I really didn't get to stressed. I know that I feel real healthy and I have been blessed. Now I have to find out why my GFR dropped 10 points. LOL Oh well, I am doing good. TY again.


Welcome new as well


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