Tired of not getting answers

3 years ago I was diagnosed with MSK (medullary sponge kidney disease) and at that time I had 21 stones between both kidneys. Dr cleaned out my kidneys and got the stones out. Dr also told me I would only have issues and pain due to stones. Fast forward 2 years later and I'm now stage 2 CKD, I have 5 non obstructing stones, but have pain everyday in my right kidney area. Dr again told me I should not be hurting so just had an IVP this morning and eagerly awaiting those results. I'm a very active and athletic 39 year old. I stopped eating meat and I'm already gluten and soy free. Just very irritated and tired of being told I shouldn't have any pain.

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I am also 39 year old and at Stage 3B CKD. I also have stopped eating red meat completely and reduced animal protein intake as it hurts the kidney. Also I have reduced salt intake which also damages the kidney directly when in the blood stream. I drink adequate amount of water so that my kidneys stay exercised.