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Duplex system


I'm looking for some replies from people with knowledge or experience of having a duplex system and being symptomatic of it. For years I assumed I had damaged my kidneys from my bulimia and laxative abuse days. Now I know that my kidneys play up because I have a duplex system. The exact words used from the consultant was a duplex kidney but I'm dubious and I'm thinking it's just extra tubes. After two c-sections I'm positive my dodgy kidney would have been picked up sooner. I've also had ultrasounds done on liver/pancreas/gallbladder and it bugs me that it wasn't picked up when at the same time they scanned my kidney(s?). Then one year later it was finally picked up. It was picked up because I have had some irregular bleeding that they assumed was down to gynae and as everything checks out there they're now saying it was probably my kidneys/bladder. And because my urine has been positive for +++white cells and ++blood. But when cultured no microorganism could be grown.

Anyway, I am symptomatic requiring antibiotics about 4 times a year, with symptoms that I try to control myself more frequently than that. Generally I only go to see my GP when I pee blood or my personal management (drinking more fluids) doesn't work.

Thanks in advance of any advice or help or experience anyone can offer. I'm especially interested in treatment options. Ali x

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Hi biology girl, I also have a duplex r kidney ( 1 extra ureter) . I had years of urine infections as a child mine was picked up after collapsing with haematuria when I was 23 .as I was pregnant all tests were stopped and it was the obstetric doctor who told me about the abnormality. It can run in the family and my daughter was diagnosed at 2 years with it after suffering acute urine infections that were difficult to clear up with antibiotics . 1 have not had any problems with my kidneys until recently. I am in my sixties and also had a bleed that the gynae docs couldn't find the cause. I have had a rise in my blood pressure which has been treat with amlodopine. Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with deteriorating kidney function which I am in the beginning of tests. I have been on a high protein diet and lost 4 stone as I am a binge eater like you ( without the bulimia or laxatives )and thought this may be the reason for the decline in kidney function.when I had my recent scan they found it difficult to see the abnormality mine was found initially with an IVP( old name for CT scan. )If you are passing blood from your urinary tract you really need to go back and haveitinvestigated. You need to make sure your blood pressure is normal. Drink lots of water and eat foods that are healthy for your kidneys. I have started to eat a very healthy diet, NO over eating, regular sleep pattern as I was eating late at night and I'm sure that over works the kidneys.dont use any alternate medicines till you see your doctor as certain herbs can be bad for the kidneys . No regular use of painkillers especially ibrufin.shower instead of bathing and no soaps with perfume as thes e always aggravated my uti's. Have your blood checked for thyroid and vitamins deficiency as I have found they go hand in hand with urinary tract problems. Above all don't stress out and look after your body as a whole. Hope you have got the problems resolved that initially caused the bulimia ..I feel for you and know what you are going through. I am new to this forum but have had such lovely replies about myCKD and feel so much better knowing I am not the only one with these problems . Take care .. hope you get sorted xx Ann

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Hi i also was just diagnosed with duplex kidneys on the left at 53..in my younger yrs i got a lot of urine infections but just put it down to having 4 kids and being female!

I recently developed a kidney stone in the left lower pole of the kidney. .i decided to leave it as it was only 3mm and was told as it's in the lower pole of the kidney that it's unlikely to grow and was given potassium citrate to try and dissolve it as its a possible urate stone..fast forward one year on and a recent scan shows it is grown to 10mm and also now have a painful cyst on my right kidney. .i also was wondering if the duplex kidney could be a possible cause!


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