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Hi! All. I have polycystic kidney and I suspect my 8 year old only child has too. I think I am at Stage 2 with creatinine around 1.3 and high blood pressure. I know there is no cure for Polycystic kidney but atleast can be controlled. I objectively would like to use this channel to familiarize on the subject so I can prolong stage 2 and later stages and continue working for my family. Also if there are any updates on treatment or otherwise get aware through this channel.

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Dear Ricky, I am so sorry to hear this and do sympathise. I don't know a lot about polycystic kidneys, but I presume you are under a renal specialist. If not, ask your gp to refer you asap and they can advise further. To maintain your current health, I would reduce alcohol and salt and keep a good eye on your general health. Staying positive is always a good plan if you can. Have you tried kidney.org.uk for help and advice? All the very best. Sarah

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