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Natuura remedies for High serum creatinine level ?

Hi all,

My mom is diagnosed with high creatinine level with 4.5(mg/dl) and mild attack by two months back , we are following medications prescribed by doctor which includes blood thinner tablets (for mild attack), when we searched in online for natural remedies we found that nettle leaf tea is good in reducing creatinine , we were continuing with it , today we came to know , that this tea is rich in potassium , her lab results showing her urea rate as 137(mg/dl) and her potassium rate as 4.6 , i am confused , because of nettle leaf tea intake, urea has been increased ?, guys help me out here

thank you

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my husbands deiticians always advice against natural remedies some can actually make things worse it is a route we have never gone down best stick to the medication what sort of attack did your mum have to be giving her blood thinners? x


Potassium range is 3.60 - 5.10 so that is a good number. I drink nettle tea everyday and mine is normal too. As for natural remedies, I try every one that I think will help me. For me, I have to think outside the box. No ones going to do it for me! Prayers for your family.

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