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I have liver problems. recently I had an ultrasound of my organs which showed a sist on my kidney I have poor appetite, swollen ankles, feet (due to water retention)

    shortness of breath, blood in urine,  an increased need to urinate, particularly at night

    insomnia, muscle cramps,  high blood pressure (hypertension)

    nausea, erectile dysfunction I live in Mexico and dont have medical insurance.

Is there natural remedies for this?

Thanks even discussing this helps.

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I don't think theres any natural remedies i'm afraid just cut out  salt as much as you can salt makes your body hold on to fluid having your legs raised when your seated apart from that keep a healthy weight & eat a good healthy diet ditch the cigarettes if you smoke basically look after yourself the best you can! good luck 

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Have you been referred to a nephrologist or found out the cause of your liver and kidney problems?  If it is polycystic liver and kidney disease I understand that is congenital and there's no real cure except management of the disease to make the kidneys last as long as possible. Controlling hypertension with a low salt diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables, hydration, exercise and reduced stress helps as does a positive attitude though that's easier said than done if there's discomfort! Many of us here struggle with the symptoms you mention but if the hypertension medication is appropriate and the diet adjusted,  there's some improvement as subsequent tests may indicate. Meanwhile this site does provide much reassurance as people here are knowledgeable and encouraging. All the best!  


Dear One,  I am not a physician, but I think proper diet and exercise, trying to keep calm and tranquil, limiting salt, sugar,fat,excess protein and avoiding panic and anger are beneficial. I just can pray for you to be healed and completely cured as soon as possible. God bless you.


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