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Ckd stage 3

In response to the person recently diagnosed with stage three ckd and has gout. I was diagnosed two years ago and was in total panic, like you I was told it's no reason to panic as long as I control my blood pressure. My doctor referred me to a nephrologist who sent me for a series of test, including an mri. They thought I had renal artery stenosis which is low blood flow to the kidneys. They found both my kidneys were unusually small. After a series of test that came out negative, the final conclusion was, don't eat red meat and keep my blood pressure controlled. Now I just get a blood test every year to make sure my gfr and creatinine didn't change. I'm 55, I work out daily, very careful with sodium intake and other than menopausel and hot flashes, I feel great!!

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Bumble02 --

Thanks for sharing your story. On my first visit, my nephrologist ordered a blood test and a urine test, and said we would take it one step at a time. My next appointment with her is not till 4 months later (December.) I'm looking forward to receiving more details. I did consult a renal dietician in the nephrologist's practice. She said my main focus now should be on getting my high blood pressure nearer to normal.

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Hi Bumble,

I think it might have been my post you are referring to (stage 3 and gout). Thanks for taking the time to respond.

As far as I'm aware I have no other health issues. My blood pressure etc are all good, just my eGFR is a little low.

I also keep myself fairly fit. I walk my dogs every day for an hour or so and weight train once or twice a week (time and gout permitting).

I have read that weight training can cause elevated creatinine. Does anyone have first hand experience of that and should I continue? I don't go mad on the weights these days just to (try) and keep myself toned and "moving".



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