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I am a CKD patient who has been trying to ignore this condition and just do what I want. I have been told since 1990, as a young man, that I have had something wrong with my kidneys but that I was too young to worry about it. I was told it would be a concern later on in life. Well, 25 years passed in the blink of an eye and here I am at 47 years old, non-African American.

I am CKD 3B with an eGFR of 41, down from 44 last year. My Creatinine level is 1.91. I was checking previous lab results and I had been hovering around 45-44 for the past several years with creatinine around 1.75.

Seems that I've had a jump in Creatinine and a lowering in eGFR in just one year!!

I did see that in 2010, my eGFR was 44 but in 2012 my eGFR was 45. This, to me, suggests one of two things. Either there was a lab measuring error or there may be a way to increase eGFR.

I would love to here from other members on this site. I have finally had to stop sticking my head in the sand and pay attention to my kidneys.

Thanks in advance

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My EGFR has varied it does naturally apparently. Between 2006-2015 it has been between 43- 50 it is 49 at the moment. As long as it stays pretty balanced they tell me that's fine I hope it stays that way!

Yes you must take care with your diet and keep hydrated.


As AnnyD said eat a healthy normal diet & keep hydrated egfr can fluctuate slightly from day to day they do look for a trend egfr is used to calculate the function so egfr 41 puts you at 41% so try not to stress too much keep a good healthy weight & you will give yourself the best chance of keeping everything stable for many years to come my husband was stage 3 for about 15 years or so! just do your best & follow all the advice the best you can from your renal team if you have one! good luck


Mine goes up and down between 48 and 56. Doctors say don't worry, so I don't - much.