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Anyone on cyclophosphomide?

My other half is hovering aound a GFR of 20ish. Hes reacted to the conventional mmf which his dr thought might help his creatinine levels in such a way that his quality of life does not make it worthwhile taking. It has now been suggested that he tries cylcophospomide which is a chemotherapy. In a sad coincidence my father is taking it for blood cancer and its positive but I was wondering if anyone had taken it for CKD and specifically MCGN.

Many thanks

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Hi I am quite new to this website so apologies for delay in reply , I had six sessions of Cyclophosphamide which did not work so i am now on immunosuppressants namely tacrolimus which has stabilised things ok for the past 5 years my GFR hovers around 30 a side effect of this though is drug induced type 2 diabetes........good luck


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