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Hi no doctor has ever told me that I have ckd but alot of health problems I've experienced in my life seem to be symptoms relating to kidney damage. when I was about 20 in 1984 I had chest pains and when I urinated it was painful and the urine was cloudy white I went to the doctors and had a urine test and they found albumin in it. My doctor said I had kidney damage he said if your lucky you will lead a normal life with it or it could get worse but most people manage to live normal lives with it.

Well turned out I was lucky the chest pains disapeared and I was able to urinate without pain, once in a blue moon my urine would be cloudy with albumin but that was my only symptom and this is still happening. In 2006 I had a very bad pain in my right arm It was so painfull I could hardly move it, I went to the hospital the nurse put my arm in a sling gave me a painkiller and said it was a muscle spasm. Also I lost my sex drive around september 2010 and have trouble getting and maintaining an errection and problems with climaxing wich I heard are other symptom's of kidney damage.

Since then I've had muscle spasms in the whole of my right arm once after finishing a 20 minute phone conversation I found I couldn't lower my arm without feeling pain and also in my lower right arm. Now while out walking after about 2-10 minutes or just standing for a long time I start feeling low to mild pain in my right hip, but sitting down gives temporary relief. I also go more often than usual to the toilet to urinate I even get up during the night to urinate, my doctor does not yet know about my hip pain or my urinating problems.thanks

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I would suggest you see a nephroligist (kidney doctor) & also a neurologist and cardiologist. A lo of things are going on and symptoms could point to the wrong diagnosis so you need to check all of these Dr.s right rule out everything, etc.


Get to a Kidney man right away. . you need correct diagnosis immediately. when you get that do exactly what the specialist orders. That is the only advice available

Good luck. ... Vaw 777


Thanks for your advice but I must point out that I live in the uk and I'm on benefits, so don't have the the money to see private specialist doctors. It's nhs hospitals and doctors for me I guess but, I will ask my doctor about seeing the specialist doctors mentioned and see what he says when I see him


Hi . you have a lot of syptoms that I never have and don't see why you relate all of them to kidney problems . Urinating more and during the night was nothing to do with my kidney failure , it was due to an enlarged prostate , if anything with kidney failure you may find you pee less as your kidneys don't work as normal therefore you retain more liquid . The muscle spasms in the right arm and being off sex , why do you relate those to kidneys I never had either in the 23 years I have lived with renal failure not even whilst on dialysis . Erection problems can be due to some medications and muscle spasms can be due to medications too such as statins , which judging by your age and living in the uk your GP may have put you on them . Personally you need to get a full medical , and get things like your psa checked . As I think there may be a lot more then just renal problems going on . Have you had your heart checked too?


Hi I am not on any medication I've never had a full medical, I have had my heart checked blood and urine samples taken, heart and urine samples were normal one blood test showed low calcium level, which I thought was strange as I consume at least a pint of milk every day.


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