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Can anyone help with some information?


2 years ago I had quite a few scans on my kidneys. They said my right on was shrunken and very scarred. They also told me that this was working at 22% and my other at 75%. I have no idea what this means. I had a very bad kidney infection 4 years ago and suffered from lots of water infections as a child which is what has caused the scarring. I took a low dose of antibiotic for a year as they told me I was suffering from 'silent' infections. I stopped taking this around a year ago but have been suffering from a dull ache in my back for the last 4 years since the kidney infection as well as my right foot swelling up. I also notice my fingers can swell for a couple of days and then they are fine.

Could anyone explain the 22% and 75% figures they gave me for my kidneys as no -one at the hospital did?

Any other information would be greatfully received



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