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Hi I started to suffer shortness [SOB] of breath about 4 months ago. My doctor did many tests including bloods- x ray- I was given inhalers- tablets it was a waste of time .On every occasion my lungs tested fine ..It was then the doctor suggested I might be stressed- but I know know I'm NOT ..

I thought here we are again , the doctors they basically work for the pharmaceutical industries these days SO I needed to think elsewhere ..

I read a forum on [ACIDOSIS] its when your blood urine acidity is too acidic and one of those symptoms is S.O.B .

I got a home test [ph] meter- tested my urine and yep my acidity was 5.1 .. I was WAY acidic.. I mean not good- the general concept was an alkaline body can't get diseased, but our western diets use breads tea coffee SWEET things this was my staple diet?.

So i started taking apple cider vinegar- and small amours of baking soda -and lemon juice in warm water -checked out which foods were acidic and changed my diet to ALKALINE .. After 3 days my urine acid was in a 6.5 - 6.8 stage- very different from before.

At this point my body began to heal itself, I must state i used a parasite zapper too an amazing tool [don croft]

After two weeks my SOB started fading away .My skin looked better , and I have a general feeling of well being.

Im not a doctor I'm a musician, so I can't say I'm an expert, but I'm fed up with the system that the doctors seem work for the pharmaceutical industries now - and I'm convinced they want to sell drugs and not cure people .

The docs are brilliant at many things granted BUT and I've figured out its about using the doctors to sell drugs to us in many cases they work but often they don't .

Looking elsewhere I found a cure worked for me.. I think PH is a massive health issue, without it your body can't repair itself .. it makes total sense ... try it you have nothing to lose- MY S.O.B that worried me sick for 4 months is history and its down the ACIDOSIS try it.. Just try getting your PH in order you will feel amazing and much better once you get an alkaline body.. It worked within 3-4 weeks for me ..

I wish you all the best and hope this helps you as it did me -Marcus

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Ah that sounds interesting..I will give it a go ive just had xrays when I went there I new it was waste time.. I don't think the doctors know much about ckd and seem to pass it of I am ckd 3a border b..but any information I want is just pushed aside luckily we have internet and can disguss it with others who are feeling the same...Thanks and all the best to you...I will put up after ive tried it....


Lillyrae I would give it a try I found out recently this acidity issue is linked to many many things just focus on getting your body to a more ALKALINE state you need to hang in there it takes a while to repair your system the lemon squeezed into a glass replacing your tea coffee is good i use it twice a day I still have a cup of tea though its not regimented ..but check out alkaline foods and make sure you have a lot more instead acid of foods meat etc .. Good luck I wish you well Marcus


I read an article recently that the body needs to be alkaline to be free from inflammation. The article suggested the juice of half a lemon in a glass full of warm water every morning before all food or drink, would be beneficial. Lemons, outside of the body are acidic. However, lemons, once digested are very alkaline. I've been doing this for about two weeks now. Early days yet but I don't feel any worse than I did. It's such a small, natural, way to help yourself. Why not?


Thanks for posting this useful info.

Here is a link I came across which may help too....



I ha e been diagnosed with Emphysema, a d all the sprays do not work for me I ha e also had Crohns Disease for most of my adult life, and was a long time former smoker. I am delighted that you have been healed, and I am goi g to try and use Cider Vinegar, coconut oil, and cut out sugar, as I am so breathless now it is difficult for me to achieve many menial tasks.


i have heard of people curing themselves of anything by making their blood alkaline the principal being disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment.you need to do a liver flush first to remove the stones


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