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how likely is oedema to be an early indicator?

Hi For a couple of months now I've had bad bilateral oedema and now it's all day every day. My GP is concerned about possible kidney, liver or heart failure but says my heart sounds ok. My husband's on dialysis so I know quite a bit about kidney failure but don't know whether oedema is a likely sign of KF. I wonder what other people have experienced.

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Hi. My kidney disease was diagnosed over 30 years ago and this was as a result of me going to my GP because my feet use to swell overnight and I had difficulty putting my shoes on in the morning. I would suggest that you see your GP and get it checked out.


Hi, yes thanks, my GP is already investigating although my oedema is now bad in the mornings but comes on during the day whenever I sit. Sue


Hi...I have read that swelling when you wake can be a sign of water retention, hence kidney...however if it comes on as the day advances it is more likely to signify a heart problem. don't know if that helps...


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