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CKD 4 and referral to heart & brain specialists


Has anyone been referred to cardiologist and/or neurologist?

I'm 31, egfr 17 and recently had episodes of confusion and memory loss.

My heart rate is also faster than gp would like.

GP has referred me to neurologist and cardiologist and I'm wondering what they think could have/be happening to heart and brain.

Also - should I have been informed about replacement options by now?

My egfr has dropped steadily from 70 to 17 in 6 years but never had convo about transplant or dialysis. At what point will they start preparing?

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What specialists are you seeing at the moment? Things like lupus attack multi organs. Have you been tested for it. Look at some of the other healthunlocked communities. Lupus, vasculitis, Hughes syndrome, etc.

You may find them useful.

I went down to egfr 8 and am now back at stage 3B. It can sometimes reverse.

I changed my diet and believe it helped. I ate more akaline foods and less acid foods

It may be worth trying and could possibly save you needing to worry about the next steps.

Also any improvement in kidney function makes you feel a whole lot better.

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Thanks - will have a look at the areas you have suggested.

I've been under care of nephrologist for several years. All they seem to do is test bloods, see decline in function and ask me to do bloods again in 3 months time.

From what I gather memory loss and confusion can be part of your renal decline, not sure about the increase in the heart beat though. could it be your thyroid as this is also linked to renal failure (there is a thread on here regarding it I think).

I find it strange that no one has asked you what you will be doing once you need to be dialysed/transplanted. I went down to 17 and had been told that i would be put forward for transplant, but told that that failing that I would like PD rather than HD.

Next time you go, ask them.


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Just googled it and rapid heart beat is also a symptom of renal failure x

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Thanks - will def ask next time I go. X

Kidneys regulate blood pressure. If that is out of control it will have an impact elsewhere, ie the heart.

If you do not get copied into consultants appointment notes you can request a copy at your next appointment. This is perfectly normal if you want to know a bit more.

i am shocked that with an eGFR of 17 you have not discussed your options yet you can start dialysis anywhere between eGFR 16 & 8 maybe you need a new nephrologist!

all your symptoms are symptoms of renal failure my husband had & still has memory loss, confusion & problems with his heart your gp should know this also!

Memory loss is part of renal failure , along with increased heart rate , Diet can help as other people have mentioned , Potassium counts will increase heart rate as well as BP , The referral to see a heart specialist is standard procedure in some Health Authorities as they like to eliminate as many obsticles pre sending you to see the transplant team to see if your a possible candidate for receiving a transplant . I would definitely discuss the dialysis option at you next clinic as it appears there has been an over sight to not have discussed your options with the dialysis team already , as if you opt for HD then they will need to do your fistula pretty soon as it take time to develop and strengthen before you can use it, Preferably created 6 months before dialysis like mine was and touch wood not had the same issues as several other patients in my unit have had who, only had theirs done 3 months before.

Good luck and write notes and take a list of any queries you have in to your next appointment along with also requesting a chat with the dietician .

I have really bad memory just thought it was me. How does renal failure effect memory?

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