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The working world and dyslexia

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I been working since I was 16 years old now 26 years old. I found the working world hard to fit in, as I always that be slower then other non-dyslexia people. I found coping with stress very hard as my body just shuts down and just want to sleep all the time.

I now have a meeting with my works about being at the college doing a course to further my career in veterinary nursing. The college have now brought at the fact that I behind my peeps with completed my npl ( nursing progress learning) I only behind because even through its only a Paragraph per a task. I find it have to typeing up about the task their is over a 300 tasks to do.

I now got to catch up I will be having discipline from the college which I think is unfair.

My assignments have to be in at least 10 days before anyone else to be proofread and giving back to me to correct before handing it in for final marker. This gives me alot less time then the other students, I find it hard due to the fact I have to write in scrape before typing it on to the computer.

To add to all of this work I now have blended learning which is home teaching from the power points to learn in my own time away from college and full time works. Some weeks I works 6 days weeks which doesn't helped. The blended learning I found hard its takes me twice as long to do as the other students. I feel that its doesn't go in, I feel do behind now and have little help or understanding from my college and work.

The main question does other dyslexia people have things problem with being alot slower learning, understand and organisation of their time.

12 Replies
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All these problems sound like those associated with dyslexia. It's not just having problems learning to read & write but other problems such as slow processing skills, poor organisation skills, high anxiety & poor self esteem. I'm unsure of how you go about getting more help from your college, but I'm almost sure there should be someone there who helps with disabilities & learning problems. Get some support from your college & maybe someone else can be clearer about what is out there to help you. Don't give up you just learn in a different way & this way should be found to best help you. Good luck

Contact Access to work declare you have dyslexia and this is making it harder for you to perform your job. Tell them about the study that is involved and they may also refer you on to apply for disabled students allowance depending on the level of your course. Please do not give up with your studies there are lots of computing tools such as speech to text that could help you communicate your knowledge more effectively study skills tuition can also help. I hope this encourages you!

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Thank you for the respond, I have already been contact to access to work and my works are normally very good with my dyslexia. Its just the college as it very little only 180 students on day release, far as I know I the only one with dyslexia on the course, I just get a half a hour session with a special needs tutor every 2 weeks in my lunch break for my English key skills not the Veterinary nursing course. I don't get extra time for blended learning, npl or assignments just final paper exams. I don't get a reader a ready for any of my mocks exams or end of subjects exam.

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I find it hard to learn too. However since getting my purple glasses learning is so much easier. My concentration has improved and I can actually take information in. I would suggest you accept the help. Often people who don't understand dyslexia over compensate or just try and wrap you up in wool. They mean well, they just don't understand how it makes you feel.

There is nothing wrong with you. Your brain just works in a different way. Remember that

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I am 59 years old. I had to learn letters and words from a sound Alphabet I created and drawings. I spent 2 times the time other spent on learning. But having my first computer helped me as I programmed my own reading and writing assistant. That removed the stress back in 1973. And now I can speak the words.

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I thought you had rights under the disability act, have you discovered the person responsible for disabilty in the college? There must be a named person, they have to enable access to learning to disabled students, that includes learning disabilities. They must give you more time and support, allow you to do things differently. Doesn't the computer spell check? Have you come across Captura Talk? Google it, they are releasing an ipad iphone compatible version, it reads writing for you and writes your spoken words.

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madcat35 in reply to sulamaye

Hi the college is only small so their don't have a learning disabilities unit basic their at all. But their got one a the main campus which only updated my statement and said what I need. I don't get any extra help in class, so my work friends will try to teach me. I have got spell check but but it doesn't correct all the words. I will Google Capture Talk and see what that is all about thank you for the advised.

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YES! In college I had a job on campus that was only 10 hours a week. I was studying to be a graphic artist (so not all classes had reading and writing). And I'm only mildly dyslexic. Even so I had no free time left because I read so slow. Trying to go to school and work full time is nearly impossible for even a non-dyslexic. You should get a medal!

Where are you now? Is there any sort of laws protecting dyslexics? Have you talked to a school councilor?

Can you get certification to show your school that you are indeed dyslexic? I'm sure more than one goof off said they were dyslexic when they weren't so they could party, so they may not believe you.

If I was your teacher I would tell you to hand in your assignments, warts and all. Your post had a few boo-boos but nothing so bad that it didn't make sense. I mean, come on--you want to be a Veterinary nurse, not an English teacher. If it bugged him that much he could circle the errors in spelling and have you fix them without grading you down. He needs to look for content, not grammar. Or maybe he could let you do verbal tests. (Unless you are like me and would be stammering too bad.)

It's well known that dyslexics read body language better than non-dyslexics and I'm sure that extends to animals. You apparently love animals or you wouldn't be going to all this trouble. The sick pets out there need people like you. Hang in there!

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madcat35 in reply to UaLiathain

Hi first thank for the reply, I have got a dyslexic statement already update but the college which their know about. But the rvcs have strict guidelines with all assignment will be mark on the learning outcomes, contacts, nurses care plans and spelling plus grammar. This apply to dyslexic or not its doesn't matter. But the thing which makes me mad is that the college are not equipment for people with dyslexic at all not sure because their don't care or ill education about dyslexic.

I been a been working in the veterinary for 7 years now, starting as a kennel maid. I feel that the help for dyslexic people in the veterinary is very poor on the college courses.

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UaLiathain in reply to madcat35

No wonder you are depressed! The only thing you have going for you is it sounds like you are in the UK. They are way ahead of America in dyslexic rights. The few laws here are vague and ignored. Just know we are rooting for you.

Oh by the way, being disorganized is very dyslexic. It's that non-sequential thinking thing. My employers thought I was very organized because I over compensated with lists. My house is a disaster area. I talked with some other dyslexics last weekend who laughed when I told them this because they do the same thing. Here is a link to a photo of another dyslexic's desk. Yes, that is Albert Einstein behind that mess. His non-sequential thinking is what made him brilliant.

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It must be so frustrating for you! However, I think you do have rights under the disability act whether they have a unit, or are willing to do it or not. There must be a student union on the main campus, they can be good, seek their help if possible. If not research the disability act and what your rights are and get assertive, or if you have friends/family who understand get them to advocate for you, but the student union rep should be able to do that too. Good luck!

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madcat35 in reply to sulamaye

Thanks for the advice I will try to see what help I can get from the student union. I will don't give up after talking to the lovely people on here :-)

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