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Where to find the right help ???

I need help finding the right support for my dyslexia, I am doing a The veterinary nursing level 3 diploma and having problem with doing the college course. I haven't got a special need teacher there. And the first exam I did I have to share a reading in the same room with a other student which I find hard. I want to apply for same help financial. I was not sure whom can apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) .???

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You can try Skip Math.



1. Phone DSA, do you have an assessment ? if not they should be able to help to point you in the right direction. If not search dyslexic assessments in your local area. However the college should have a list of assessors

2. Speak to the college .Tell them you have dyslexia and you (1) have not had support (2) you could not cope in the shared exam environment. Advise them of your dyslexic assessment ( if you have one or when you get one and the recommendations )

3. Most important - congratulate yourself on getting onto the course and keep going. More Dyslexic people need to get into all areas of learning and education , so it helps education providers understand the problem and support other people.

I hope this helps.


Hi I have already have a assessment which was done 2-3 years ago. the college know about my needs and left me to get on with it their don't have a special needs teacher at the college as he left and their haven't replace him. So its a normal tutor who is lovely but doesn't understand my need and told me to find the help myself


Did you enquire about Disabled Student's allowance and if your course would qualify you for this?

gov.uk/disabled-students-al... This would allow you to get support such as specialist tuition and appropriate software. You usually have to pay for the assessment yourself, though some colleges/universities can help with some of the costs. The assessment can be done by a specialist teacher who has a Practising Certificate.


Hi thank you for the reply, I have already looked in to this and the college have no, even I printed the forms and fill then out. Its because I doing the veterinary nursing level 3 diploma which is a further education course not higher education. But I have now start getting a little bit of help might have a someone to write for my written exams as I can not spell and will be mark down. But I don't get any extra time for my assignments which also can be mark down for spelling an grammar error. I do work full as well so find its hard to fit all the college work in and feel behind on area which been taught in class as we only go one day and week. Plus we have about 3-6 hours of home learning to do and then we been told we need to do extra reading for the subjects we been taught in class as we have assiments each week on last week learning.


Do not give up. Reasonable adjustments are the right for anyone with spLD. Each exam board has recommendations for its centres to follow. I may have found some information on your one? "RCVS Awards recognises that some students may need adaptations made in order that they may have fair access to assessment. This may be because of a physical disability or an educational special need. Applications for reasonable adjustment for either college based assessment or RCVS examinations should be submitted via the centre attended by the student." Any assessment for exam arrangements is usually done by a specialist teacher, I would think that it would involve: reading (single word & speed), spelling (single word), writing speed and processing speed. The speed related assessments usually determine extra time arrangements, if you qualify for extra time in exams then it would also be good practice to allow you extra time for your assignments. If your college has not got a specialist teacher to undertake this type of assessment then you need to ask them to employ a private one to come to the Centre, or you will need to write to the examination board explaining your difficulty.


I won't give up I got this far, the college have their specialist teacher leave the college and their won't replaced him. The exam board is now c & g now not the rcvs, so its all up in the air. But I have made the head of the special needs which is basic at the other college their sister college know that I need and want the extra support, so we trying to work towards it, but this is a very slow progress due to the summer holiday. But my first exam I was not happy with their support even through I pass we have to share a reader between two students in the same room which put me off a bit.


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