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advice of dyslexia please

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well i finally got my results for dyslexia verbally which is severe as waiting the full written report to be delivered in next 2-4 weeks.

they say its processing information which is the problem but not sure until the reports arrived.

so what is the best advice or suggestions that an one could say/write to me regarding the situation that i am in! as its new to me to understand eg start over again to learn the fact of life that i have to face everyday. so hope this makes sense?

so look forwards from anyone of replying to me so thankyou

11 Replies
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Well done! Now you have the job of working out what it all means for you and your life starts. The report itself may be a bit confusing - so keep in touch with people here and ask all the questions you want. There are people here who will be able to point you to the next stage. Good luck.

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Thank you as yeah you are right of working myself out again eg understand/educational reasons. So are you sure that I can ask you anything or advice etc, if yes thank you as can't wait for results of confusionation on black and white paper! 😳😉

Thank you

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Hi Scoobiematt,

Be patient and give yourself time. Also, having found out late myself that I am dyslexic, I would advise rejoicing in the fact that you will now in a position to learn alot more about yourself and gain greater control over your destiny. It will take time, and you need to find a good mentor who doesn't just give you software, but actually understands what it is to live with dyslexia - the joys as well as the frustrations. Get involved with others.

The best mentor I found was dyslexic herself, and works with newly assessed dyslexics. I found non-dyslexics supporting dyslexics tended to focus on how not to be dyslexic! They meant well, but didn't really get that we have strengths we can leverage. Much better than wasting time trying process information like a non-dyslexic.

Anyway, best wishes for the adventure ahead of you!


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Patience that I got but not for bda result to come(time), and coming to terms of dylesixa as understanding it too. But hey I am starting over again to learn my self soon, as its confidences that lack sometimes but that will come too. Well finding someone to guide and understand my struggle to be, will be hard so as you say finding a good mentor, is a good start to help me understand myself. So I could carry on as thank you for advice as anymore just text me please

Thank you


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I'm on the other side of the world so I am unfamiliar with the programs available in the UK. However my advice is, to quote Douglas Adams, "Don't panic." Yes, some things are harder for dyslexics but some things are actually easier. You are not stupid or defective. Your brain is just wired to think differently than the majority. Here is a pep talk from some famous severe dyslexics who became successful not in spite of their dyslexia, but because of it.

If there was a pill that could cure dyslexia, I wouldn't take it. Throughout my life I have been called "scatter-brained" and "weird" but also "creative" and "imaginative." I would never want to give up the fantastic worlds in my head just to be "normal." Normal is boring. Find your dyslexic talents and embrace them.

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Well thank you for reply, thou am waiting for my results, as it's annoying that I have to wait and get to the bottom of my problem. Well it's not a problem that I have, it's others who will think of me as need to tell manager of my dyslexia but need evidence first before letting it in the air.

As I have read your advice as its make sense but need to read it several times to digest then bingo. So patience of time for report to come! Then I hopefully understand myself!, 🙂

I may let you know my results in the future, so thank you for information

Thank you


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Yeah, just keep posting and look after yourself. Confusion is normal but it gets better.


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thank you and will do so same to you to

Curious reading this, was wondering if you could share how you got tested,. - as someone who's older(!) / no longer in education,. HOW does one even get tested..? I'm sure I've seen a few people mention ask GP, but sure I tried that (when I lived in different area) and was told it was nothing to do with GP as I am an adult...and I'd have to research it myself.. (*OK so as in new area might be worth asking again - but dunno, just curious how you did this! aka did you have to privately pay??)


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WELL if you went to nearest dyslexia center or find telephone number and ask for the basic testing level which takes 1-2 hours and she/he will tell if you got dyslexia meaning indications of possibility so this cost around £50 as afraid its not free. so you are best ringing direct for further information.

as i had a further test (advance level) around 4-5 weeks ago as awaiting for results to come (not cheap but worth it in the end) and need this results for work reasons and personal reasons eg understanding myself more clearly plus for legal reasons too just in-case either work or possibility DSS may pull/stop my dla

ps GP don't have to record this on your records but you can enforce them to put on your medical records, which i will be telling my GP to put on my medicals

so may i asked you what your reason to ask me


Thanks for the reply - genuinely the reason I was asking is I didn't even know that "dyslexic centres" existed < so thank,you... Like I said I'm a little *older* and my only knowledge of dyslexia/being tested is waaaay back when some kids at school/college were tested / or had been tested... ((I genuinely wish I had been brave enough --- and less of a trouble-maker back then, so a teacher could have spotted me / my issues....)) - anyhoo makes sense now that you've said it, but thanks again... I will look locally,.

Many thanks! ;)

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