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i am dyslexic but was not diagnosed till i went to college

i struggled all the way though primary and secondary school i was a statemented student but the schools did not know what was my problems where i got put in the special need unit and was given twice weekly one to one lessons and support in some lessons i was given occupational therapy .but the schools still did not know what was wrong with me some day i just felt so stupid and i did fell down about it meany times.then i went to college i was sent to have a dyslexic assessment with in two weeks of starting .then i was diagnosed as servilely dyslexic with "associated conditions" what ever that means but one of them was dyspraxia. after this i just felt a great scenes of relief i actually had a little cry just because everything just made scenes to me then. then a few days later i went to visit my old secondary school and then i told my LSA and my one to one teacher i was dyslexic and then i asked them why couldn't they diagnose me there reply was we dont have the resources or the funds to do that . this just shows we all need to open our eyes up and fight for schools to get more resources and training to help them identify dyslexia in students before its too late.

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I agree schools need to be more aware, and need to know how serious dyslexia is. I was diagnosed last year while doing a degree, I was 41 at the time, no wonder why ive struggled all my life thinking I was just thick and stupid.

More needs to be done to help children in education, a diagnoses isnt enough they need real help.


I totally agree! I was 53 when I discovered by chance that I was severely dyslexic, I always knew that something was wrong and my school life was totally miserable. I had always said to my partner that I felt their was something wrong with my brain, I just never knew what it was. I now find things so much easier to deal with, knowing why certain difficulties arise. I too was very tearful out of relief and found that all my life had now been explained. I now see dyslexia as a gift in as much that it has made me who I am today and in my work caring for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours etc, it has given me a greater understanding of what may be going through their minds and some of the frustrations they often encounter. Interestingly out of the 20 staff we have working at the unit 6 are dyslexic! I was the only one who declared this information on the job application.


My husband was diagnosed 15 years ago at age of 36...despite having a medical degree!...He has a fantastic long term memory and saile through medical school...however he'd struggled and failed to pass the Royal college of Physician exams due to the format of the (negative multiple choice) exam!...he subsequently had a nervous breakdown and had to resign from post as Royal College did not recognise dyslexics as having specific educational needs! (still doesn't!)...however after his diagnosis and years of cognitive behaviour therapy he went back to University to study Law (this time he got the help he needed!!...fantastic Local authority and dyslexia centre in Bangor Gwynedd...he's now a medically qualified medical negligence barrister specialising in suing the profession he once loved...now that's what I call justice 8-))

We have 3 chidlren, 2 daughters have dyslexia (eldest also dyspraxia and dyscalculia!!) and son with dyspraxia...at least we were able to spot the signs and try to get help as soon as possible...it's not been easy and there is still so much negativity...however eldest is now studying Philosophy, Film and Psychology and tries to use her strengths by seeing things differently. I always try to emphasise the positive and seek out positive role models (esp in media and entrepreneurs)...I do worry for them and wish life wasn't such a struggle


My son is failing miserably in medical school due to dyslexia. Please advice what steps we should take. This is his 3rd year in a medical school in Illinois


I had the same situation, i went throught primary and seccondary school. in primarry i was put on a further literacy support programme, and in secondary was top class for everything except english where i was in the bottome class. My tutors didnt want to put in the effort with me to suport me or do any assemsents but if i would get letters mixxed up they would say "your probabley dyslexic", maybe instead of joking about things they should have done summit about it

I went to college and the same moneth i wasreffered for a dyslexia assesment and also got told i have ADHD and needed to use overlays to read work


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