How can we improve our Group for dyslexics-called WWDA-West wales Dyslexia Association?

Two years ago my grand daughter was diagnosed with both dyslexia & dyspraxia. I found this organisation WWDA (West Wales Dyslexia Association) in Swansea South Wales which I thought might help me understand her condition. It was set up several years ago to help people understand dyslexia.

However, I've gone to several meetings now & they have been hopelessly attended-the committee members usually outnumber any visitors. Any talks that have been arranged have been useless & a waste of time! We really need help & some new ideas on how best to promote ourselves & reach out to people who have dyslexia or may need some understanding & advice about the condition. Does anyone have some good & suggestions on how to improve our situation?

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  • if they any need any graphic design work need doing let me know i would be happy to help

  • I am not surprised that your group is having difficulty it is hard to know what direction to go for help. It would seem like the library would be helpful. The internet, teachers fellow dyslexics. Maybe I am not resourceful enough? I think empathy is lacking but if I find anything I will not hesitate to share it with you!

  • Many thanks to both mangera & Mrynelson I'll contact you should i need more help. There are so many dyslexics that need support out there. Unfortunately we're in a society that doesn't appear to like joining groups-Face Book hasn't helped!!!

  • Unfortunately there are many people out there will dyslexic problems when a lot people don't recognise it I am dyslexic myself and I am a teacher for adult education there are many teachers that come to me for advice when they know they have a learner with dyslexia they need strategies to help them. Many of our IT teaches need help and I tell them the way I use computer and the way I would have liked somebody to teach me but I always say this might not be right for everyone because everyone with dyslexia is very different not one of those are the same and that is the problem with a lot of people think that dyslexia is only one thing but it is not we all learn in different ways so not one thing can be right for everyone I am a teacher myself for 26 years I teach sugar craft and cake decorating and I also teach arts and craft to learners with learning disabilities and special needs and as a tutor I think it's my job to help my learners achieve the best they can if they don't learn it's my problem and if they cannot learn one way I will find it another way of getting round things but because I have a disability myself I will not give in . I have all my teachers qualifications and I am proud to tell everybody that I am dyslexic but many people with dyslexia still high and are ashamed but we need to tell people that nothing to be afraid I'll we are just as good as anybody else and we can achieve anything we want if we put the hard work to get is that it is not easily I won't tell anyone it is because it's not dyslexia never ever goes away with you for life. We find strategies and other way round things to make our life a lot easier but I will always struggle with paperwork and reading.

  • Well done you. It's a shame that your staff can't be bothered to complete CPD courses about dyslexia. No, some would rather just ask & learn nothing about it. Shame on them!!! Everyone deserves to reach their potential but are they helping their pupils to reach theirs!!!

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