11 year old gifted and talented but organisation/time management/memory difficulties

I just wondered if anyone has a child who has an older reading age but has problems with organising their school bag and very dizzy/messy jumping from one thing to the next, short term memory and time management difficulties?

I have been to parents evening for my 11 year old daughter and the teacher said they would definately get them tested for dyslexia as I found out a year and a half ago I have dyslexia.

The primary school said she was gifted and talented and there is no way she would have dyslexia with such good english. She has always not sat still in school and been tested for hearing difficulties. She still struggles with telling the time and some times tables. She takes a while organising herself and frequently forgets planner, books, pens, etc. She takes a while organises herself and one teacher said if she doesn't keep checking on her every few mins she will go down the wrong track and answer what she thinks.

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  • Some Dyslexics can have reasonable Literacy attainment but still not in line with their above average ability. Other difficulties you mention could possibly relate to Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or ADHD. A full diagnostic assessment would help understand her profile. Dyslexia Action could do one or get a list of specialist teachers in your area from BDA, Patoss. You are right that if you have been diagnosed with Dyslexia concentrating first on that might be useful though a full Diagnostic assessment may throw light on if there are possibly any other overlapping difficulties. I hope this answer is helpful to you.

  • Thanks for your reply - I had a thorough educational psychologist report carried out and the 3 mains areas were time management, sequencing of tasks and short term memory, slow information processing and reading slowly. I had my son tested for dyslexia recently but they did the screening and it came out that it was a low possibility of dyslexia but the college picked up that he has slow information processing so he gets 25% more time in exams. I would like any information please of where best place would screening pick up these types of things? Thanks very much

  • If your daughter is still in the primary phase then wait until she goes into secondary as the diagnostic report will be useful to alert them about exam arrrangements as well as how to help her cope day by day.

  • She started High School last September

  • That sounds like me. I have been found to be dyslexic and have Attention Deficit Disorder. (Not hyperactive version of ADHD) Do not be scared off but please have a look into it. At the age of 25 I know know why I can't keep my life together in the normal manner and treatment is most effective for Children as they can leabr a more targeted method(s) of self help and living.

  • Thank for your reply...its good to hear we are not alone! We have some family who have ADHD on both sides so I was not sure if there was a connection there. I am 41 and found it quite hard and was in denial when they said I had dyslexia as my spelling is really good but looked into how complex and how many different areas can be affected and not just sterotypical ones everyone things about. Its almost a hidden dyslexia and one that can be disguised a bit do you think?

  • ADHD is theorised to have a highly genetic component to it. aadd-uk website is probably a good place to go. Dyslexia us about your spelling ability compared with the ability of those of a similar intelligence to you. The earlier she gets help, the better she'll do.

  • Thanks for information,,,,I was just wondering if her spelling is good as well as english and reading whether something would show up and what assessment I would need to get done and who to ask

  • For ADHD your GP. For dyslexia... Ask your school. I know it's an educational thing and not a medical thing so your GP won't arrange for dyslexia testing. However if it turns out she does have ADHD and gets that diagnosis first she might get tested by the peaduatric psychiatry dept for dyslexia too if it's indicated. However my knowledge on that is not really knowledge and I know far more about adult diagnosis than child diagnosis.

  • My friend has a 9 year old son that is spelling + reading within his age group, but excels at maths/science. She's been having some other problems with him. Sequencing events a major one, his reading isn't fluent at all, he's v frustrated so behavior not great, worn out after school, very unorganized. Being a teacher herself she knew his reading should be pretty fluent by now. School wouldn't listen to her concerns so they had him tested by an Ed psyc. Turns out he is able dyslexic! So very clever but reading/writing much racer for him. If you google able dyslexia you can get quite a bit of information about it. Good luck with it all.

  • *harder not racer, (predictive text!)

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