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Early Morning Wake Up: DEXCOM


Well, today started earlier than I had planned. At 5:30 am, my CGM's alarm went off and I needed to have a snack before going back to bed. My blood sugar was 89 mg/dl. The CGM said 79-> at the time.

This sensor worked really well this week. I was surprised since I noticed the sticky part that holds everything on was coming loose (a sure sign things will fail or fall off). Nice surprise! :-)

I inserted the new sensor this afternoon and now I'm waiting on the warm up period to end by 3:25 pm. Hope this one does as well as last week's! :-)

Stay safe! :-)

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Hey sorry about your wake up call Leah I hope that you new sensor is OK so good luck. 😊

in reply to Jerry

I will have to do the calibrations very soon.😀👍🌈

Will let you know what happens soon.😀👍🌈

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