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So, I sent a note to the ACCU-CHEK company to try and get a new replacement for the broken MultiClix lancing device. I sent the note using their on-line contact us page form. I'm hoping they'll be willing to send a replacement because the company is fasing out that type of lancing device. Unfortunately, I still have 6 boxes of the drums that the broken device can use in my kitchen cabinet. I hope they can send me the replacement this week. It really bugs me that this keeps happening. Every single time I find a type of device or monitor that is good for me, those items get discontinued and I have to find something else that hopefully will be even better-- or close to it. Do any of you have this same problem?

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I've always found it much better to phone their customer service team. Have you got the number? I've needed a replacement meter before and they were brilliant. I phoned them at 4.30pm and the new meter was delivered to my door at 8am the next morning. They even send a pre-paid box to send the faulty one back for a diagnostic check.

Have you had a look on E-bay to see if you can but one?

I've got a couple of spare multiclix lancing devices. I can always send you one if you have any problems getting hold of one.

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