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Different Strokes
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Recent stroke victim

Hi I,m a 59 yr old lady and I just recently had a stroke which affected my left side after nearly two weeks my mobility is improving everyday , my biggest problem Is lack of interest in the things I usually do I.e, spending time with my adorable grandchildren reading. Get tired a lot has anyone else experienced same problems

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Hi, i havent had a stroke but suffered an ABI 7 years ago.

It took a long time before i could start to enjoy things again and even now i find my energy levels are so low there’s a limit to what i can do.

Its as if i went into survival mode for many years, only really thinking of myself and how i could get back to being the person i was.

I see the his now but at the time i withdrew into myself. It must hav been terrible for my family but it was what i had to do to rebuild myself as near to the old me as possible.

Give yourself time and space, and be patient dont push yourself too hard.

I used to love reading but its something i struggle to do now so i listen to audiobooks. It works for me .

Good luck x

Janet x

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You have to be patient! Tiredness is one of the worst things, but I promise you it will get better. It sounds as if you are making great progress but it’s early days. I had a stroke over three years ago, had to learn to walk again but eventually got back onto the tennis court, although no longer play competitively, just happy games with good friends. Still get tired, but I’m a lot older than you anyway. Good luck! Juanicia

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Probably everyone of us that's had a stroke has experienced exactly that, it's normal.


Yep, the tiredness is a doozy but it will get better as you are getting better, best wishes. Remember- your brain believes whatever you tell it, tell it good, positive things. My mantra: you are getting better every day, you are strong, you can do this, just keep trying, youve got this, its no big deal! Cindy


I did! Took me a long time remember you not only had a stroke you had TBI everyone recuperates differently I still after almost 3 years get fatigued easily just keep plugging through it, you will be ok, hope that helps, good luck on your journey.


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