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Could this be another stroke

Hi. My mum of 77yrs has had vertigo now for over 2 weeks , with some days being worse than others. She has had a mild stroke a couple of years ago which a ct scan showed that the damage it caused was to the back right side of the brain. Since then she has had a couple more small strokes. Mum is on a medication called Dabagatron which is to think the blood. I'm worried as though we think this event might be vertigo it's going on too long or is it. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.

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I am 71 and had a small stroke in the cerebellum (right at the back of the brain) 2 1/2 years ago. It is not vertigo as such, so no ear problem and not really dizziness but It has affected my coordination. Balance while walking quickly is fine, but I wobble when standing still. My brain seems to wave inside. I feel I am moving in my head so my body tries to restore the balance which causes the wobbling but to other people I look absolutely normal.

The few people I have known with vertigo have had it for varying lengths of time.

I was told the stroke has triggered 'sensory migraine.' At its worse I had no strength in my legs, felt extremely sick and my head felt as if it were moving inside - impossible to describe and horrible. I felt as if I were walking as someone with cerebral palsy for quite a while but that has stopped now.

I could find out very little about this online. I have no headaches, but queasiness and brain to toe coordination is not right, which is causing the feeling of movement. It is very hard to cope in shops for example where you have to stand and open wallets etc. Fine movements difficult. Extreme tiredness and sometimes just feeling really unwell. Some days worse than others but I cannot call it dizziness.

Three GPs and one neuro specialist were of no help. I think because they had not come across this before. After several fruitless trips to A & E I consulted a migraine specialist privately who has prescribed two drugs (channel blockers) as well as aspirin. There is some gradual improvement but it is taking a long time and I still have periods of extreme tiredness each day and can feel quite unwell.

This is probably of no help and rather long-winded but I understand how frustrating and tiring it is and also how hard it is to get some doctors to really listen. I obviously cannot offer proper advice but don't give up asking your doctor questions and feel you are getting support.

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Thank ýou so much. Mum said that's exactly how she feels. Luckily we have a good doctor. Thanks again.


need to raise with the docs asap to check it out. something called labyrinthitis can cause also vertigo feeling, its an infection of the inner ear


I get episodes of vertigo since the stroke and B12 problem. My GP said its labyrynthitis. I found exercises on the internet that helped and my GP gave me antihistamine which also helped. I know an attack is coming when I get dizzy looking up and it gets gradually worse and lasts a few days. I am not sure what it is but its very disabling. I would suggest your mum gets checked out in case. Good luck


Thank you.


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