No Need for Ultrasound for Carotids

Hi to the Forum members ,I'm 76 year old Female and had 2 strokes from Carotid Arteries a year ago in 2016 , both Carotids are under 50% blocked a couple of weeks ago lost left eye sight for 10 mins have been having headaches from neck up leftside also my eyesight flickering for 5 mins temp, Consultant says in letter NO to Ultrasound 1 yr on, or even a review with him and says i am not needed to be seen by him again!

He blames the Medication as my BP has risen Quinaprol was changed from 40mg a day to 60mg which he says my GP is wrong to put me on as it over the recommended dosage?I didn't get headaches 1 year ago from starting the medication!

The Consultant has dismissed these symptoms above as he thinks the blockages would not be changed much in 1 yr but i have heard of many people going up by from 50% to 70% in one year what's the harm in a simple test even if it is ok at least it is peace of mind .I think with Ultasound this could give me the advantage of a chance of operation of the Carotids while i am young 76 yr old.

Any ideas suggestions would be appreciated, thanks

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  • I wish there was something I could suggest, but I have nothing.

  • Thank you TonyToo for your kind reply

  • Hi can you have a private appointment?

  • Hi Spider555,

    Thanks for your reply ,It does seem a good idea as i naturally was focused on NHS i will contact private

    while i am waiting for the GP advice if they

    will send me for a second opinion referral .

    Good Luck

  • I had a TIA in July 2016 and I came out of it with no permanent damage. I want to see a specialist and I have many tests mainly the carotid artery test it was found that my left carotid artery was blocked 80% and the doctor wanted to open it up and take out the gunk. I asked him if this would be a guarantee that I would never have another stroke and he was honest and said no. I am on Lipitor and Plavix and I'm hoping that they will prevent me from having an actual stroke. I just knew I couldn't have the operation even though it was probably indicated. I am in my 70s and when something feels wrong medically I just can't do it. I hope that I will be stroke free....,

  • Hi Pwats

    sorry to here about your TIA you are still young .There is a lot of info out there and from my research on Carotid operation i found that it is best to get a high volume Surgeon and this website link is very good to find one to look at

    there are many others on Carotid Pros and cons of these two procedures Stenting and Endarterectomy it seems to be a low risk procedure ,but low risk doesn't mean no risk!

    Here is some more info

    I am not medically trained or giving advice but from advice i have received from UK and USA it would appear the operations may be in my opinion helpful in this type of disease

    Good luck and good health to you.

  • I realize the alleged advantages of having the dissection. But psychologically I just could not do it and the doctor was really wonderful and telling me that there was no guarantee that if he did do it I would not have another stroke. I asked him if I took Plavix and Lipitor if that could possibly reduce my chances of another stroke or TIA and he said yes there's not enough knowledge yet I am in the USA. So I have my new doctors to choose from and this one was quite knowledgeable and I really liked him. This to me makes a big difference. I appreciate the feedback but it is not a matter of what is good for me it's how I feel about it

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