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Thoughts on recovering from a stroke

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Stroke is life changing a simple fact, but one I found hard to take in after a lifetime of getting up, brushing myself down and getting on with it.

Recovery often takes years and touches every aspect of life: self concept, confidence, mental life, aspirations, love, family, friends, work, hobbies, even the bloody housework.

In the process (1 year) I've found things I never would, and I've grown. My future has changed, and my perspective altered on many, many things.

So, just wanted to say that whilst it can be a long, hard, grief stricken journey, strokes gives as well as takes.

Best wishes,


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A nice positive thought Nick, and I agree with you.

My husband had a stroke last year and it certainly changed his outlook and views on a number of things. Equally it made me reassess my life, get a better work life balance and appreciate peoples situations in a different way.

I hope you continue on your way to recovery!

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Tank you for replying,

I wondered only today if there would be a time when I saw my stroke as a positive life event.

That's not to detract from the great suffering they can bring, and the depression that'll always tag along, but rather to acknowledge the positives we seem to have both found as a consequence. The 'healing power of illness' might be overstating it, but it definitely started me on a journey.

At 50 I'm struck by how much time might otherwise have passed without care, but also without a considerations about what's important given one's definitely not the derring-do, lad anymore. As you say it forces you to better appreciate a number of perspectives, and that's never a negative thing.

Good fortune, strength and love to you both.



That's a Great Way to Put a Stroke !!!!!!

Yes it is very much a Life Changing Experience & one that would except beforehand. We have all been there "Why Me"

I used to watch TV documentary's once I was discharged from hospital in 1998.

Everyone that had Strokes were "far - far" worse than me!!

To the extent off being wheelchair bound & in care homes. I used to think why I wasn't that bad.

As well in our Grove there has been 5 people who have had Strokes.

There is only 2 off us left. Me & one that is in a care home for the rest off his life.

We was all in our younger years when we had our Strokes. And again I thought "Why" was I so much better??

I had assumed beforehand that "Stroke" was an older persons condition??

But boy how wrong was I, I have meet many younger Stroke Patients much younger than me.

Well Said !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi my name is Gail. I had multiple strokes three years ago to this day! A stroke is a stroke no matter how bad or slight it may have been! It completely changes ones life! For me I still suffer with vertigo and hence do not drive to this day! Yes I start going a hundred miles an hour but my body will shut me down when I over do it! This is something I'm sure I'll never get use to! I'm one who is always on the go but I have learned how to balance life! Yes, on a bad day, I complain no different than anyone and really complain how I can't drive but a little voice reminds me where I should of been! That would of been in a wheelchair not talking, walking etc. I never take anything for granted and am truly blessed to be here! Oh well I have vertigo, onward soldier I say and away I go! Maintain a positive attitude and always yourself a little when you think you can't! This is just how I do things and I know everyone's situation is different but if it helps one then cheers to you! Continue to stay positive folks!!!


Lovely message gale force, I had to give up driving too and now I love my free bus pass xx :)

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been there, still giving my car to my daughter , 1 year on.was told not to drive for 6 months.


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