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Different Strokes
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Numb Hand.....TIA?

I have Migraine Aura zig zag light no head aches .I can get some numbness

which is temporary i think this is called sensory Aura .I had a temporary numb left hand 10 months ago it lasted 5 mins..and moved slowly to my lip on left side and left part of tongue . but at the time felt i was having a Migraine.... but did not have Zig Zag Aura or Headache.

I have history of Mitral Valve Repair 3yrs back not on Aspirin and also told no need for anti-platelet after this procedure .I have had the temporary numbness in left hand on two other occasions .......but in those cases have had Migraine Aura..Zig Zag no headache.

My Cardiologist is not too concerned although is not a specialist in Migraine but does feels this is Migraine related and

also as i have had panic attacks for many years says this is all compounded into this happening.

I have read it is possible but sensory

Auras rarely occur alone without Zig Zag Aura and one patient may at different times but rarely have migraine attacks WITH or WITHOUT

Aura or Headache with only sensory

Aura .Due to my history my concern also was TIA but it does seem strange

coincidence that hand is involved in


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My optician told me that painless aura are caused by too little blood flow to the area of the brain that is associated with vision. The body will respond and the aura will clear within 30 minutes as blood flow increases. I've had aura infrequently but when I had a stroke in July, my vision went on the right hand side almost immediately, as the stroke affected the visual processing part of the brain. It might just be coincidence that I've had aura.

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Hi john-boy

i hope your feeling better

and things are gradualy improving after your stroke .Thanks for your input and advice about

blood flow .

I wish you the best of luck and good health for the future.


Hi advice1 Just a note to say my daughter (adult) has heamaplegic migraine and doesn't always have a headache all the time. She gets tingling in her hand, arm or leg and numbness which goes away soon after or last few days. She doesn't take anything for it unless she gets a headache.


Hi Hill54

Thank you for sharing your daughter's migraines with me

The numbness does

seem to be related to heamaplegic but I never get headaches only zig zag but for me the Magnesium bisglycinate 150mg

Twice a day which

Reduce them from 7 a month to 1 a month on average.

good luck to you and your daughter.


thank you good luck to you too. I would also say a lot of the time it is caused by stress and she also sometimes cant get her words out. I know she was on some tablets but not now as it seems to be stress that causes it. Not many drs have heard of it and they send her to hospital with suspected stroke.


That can't be much fun for your daughter, btw, I am not medically qualified, but enjoy researching things.

Has your daughter seen a Neurologist for more effective migraine relief

may be helpful? I do know when i took Propranolol on a low dose

it also helped and reduced migraine frequency by over 50% but that has to be weighed up with the small chance, i have heard, of diabetes from taking Betablockers long term as the newer Cardio-selective i have started taking are less of a risk to blood sugar and Metabolic effects, so they say.But as there very limited studies and long term trials which could be 1 -2 years ,which is long term in the medical field.Because long term studies are expensive.

Best wishes


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