Feeling scared again

Hi. I had an episode in April where I woke up in the morning feeling very dizzy and my leg was numb. I could walk but it felt odd. I felt fine after three hours. My GP sent me to A&E where tests all were normal. They suspected it was a TIA but weren't sure. I was prescribed Clopidogrel and I was told I would get a follow-up appointment in six weeks. The follow up took seven months and me chasing it up several times. Now they want to do a ct scan and prescribe statins. I feel back to being scared again. It took me quite a while to recover emotionally from my episode in April. I know it's best to find out what is going on but I can't help feeling they didn't take it that seriously in April, so why a scan after all this time.

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  • It's the Nhs, they work at their own speed and if they thought it was urgent you would have been admitted.

    Seriously, I've had two strokes not Tia's and it's not the end of the world, I'm still standing, walking, talking and driving. It's an emotional roller coaster but you need to take control of your emotions, stress just makes everything 10 times worse. Just have the scan done and see what if anything shows up. You're taking clopidogrel so should be protected from further events. As for statins that's up to you, ask why they want to prescribe them, I refuse to take them they make my muscles hurt so badly I can barely move but everyone is different.

  • I had bad muscle pain and a change of statin helped. Glad to hear you are well. Once youve had a stroke it does make you wary. Keep well x

  • Maybe they have rethought it and want to play safe. I had a stroke and had a good recovery with some ongoing symptoms. If you have the scan you will feel reassured. I was prescribed clopi biut couldnt take it i take asprin and statins. Keep well.