Feeling scared again

Hi. I had an episode in April where I woke up in the morning feeling very dizzy and my leg was numb. I could walk but it felt odd. I felt fine after three hours. My GP sent me to A&E where tests all were normal. They suspected it was a TIA but weren't sure. I was prescribed Clopidogrel and I was told I would get a follow-up appointment in six weeks. The follow up took seven months and me chasing it up several times. Now they want to do a ct scan and prescribe statins. I feel back to being scared again. It took me quite a while to recover emotionally from my episode in April. I know it's best to find out what is going on but I can't help feeling they didn't take it that seriously in April, so why a scan after all this time.

2 Replies

  • I had bad muscle pain and a change of statin helped. Glad to hear you are well. Once youve had a stroke it does make you wary. Keep well x

  • Maybe they have rethought it and want to play safe. I had a stroke and had a good recovery with some ongoing symptoms. If you have the scan you will feel reassured. I was prescribed clopi biut couldnt take it i take asprin and statins. Keep well.

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