Different Strokes

A newbie, but fellow sufferer!

Hello one and all! I was involved in a near fatal RTC in 2009. A young drunk driver T-Boned me at a cross roads. I was rammed in the drivers door and he was travelling in excess of 35mph it was estimated. He was talking to/looking at his passenger and simply didn't see the give way sign! Both my drivers seat and myself where thrown through the windscreen, when the seat belt reached its length limit, it snapped me back and my right temple impacted the outside of the drivers door support pillar!

This resulted in brain trauma, but believe this or not, the ambulance crew did not think it worthy of a trip to hospital! They lifted 50 fragments of windscreen from my head and discharged me at the scene. They were more concerned with the young man who had the benefit of an air bag to protect him from any serious injury and suffered a sprained wrist!

I lost my house, my business and my livelihood! It took three years, for me to be referred for an MRI to check for any signs of damage. I went into clinical depression and was prescribed antidepressants after two years. Within three months of beginning antidepressants I suffered my first TIA. I was told by a stroke consultant that it might be the beginning of something which was permanent, that being Stroke Syndrome. I taught myself to cope around the possible affects and as a healer I was able to limit the impact upon my physical life.

However the mental affects where somewhat profound as my cognitive functions took quite a battering! It is now seven years since the RTC and to date I have suffered 5 Strokes. I have hypersensitivity to medication and so receive no help! I have been warned, anything that can affect the chemistry in my brain could trigger another aneurysm with fatal consequences! Also if I suffer two TIA's within a 30 day period there is little hope of recovery from the second one which leaves one to feel like I am living with a time bomb in my head! Yet due to the powers that be, I have been forced to once-more run the gauntlet of re-entering the risky construction industry and once more take up the occupation I had before that fateful moment changed my life for its duration!

I make the best of life I can and wear a DNR dog-tag, as there is no way I wish to survive as a vegetable, and being the last remaining member of my family, no-one would be there for me! I am always willing to help others and if I can be of use to anyone via whatever means then being here still is a bonus for now!

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I really feel for you Bruce. Somehow it feels worse when you feel let down. Keep trying to be positive and talk to the amazing people on this group. They are a big help


Hi Lilly,

I've worked as a life coach and a carers mentor for Time Bank over the past few years and , have always gained a massive feel good factor from making a positive use of the negative experience in my life to help others! Some have no idea how to cope and I find that so sad. We are all the brother/sisterhood of mankind and must be here for each other no matter what colour , creed, or religion!

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I do like your attitude and you,ve been though a lot of complications,well done ,and like myself you make the best of life nobody knows what you go though your life changes dramatically !!


Lost for words reading your history! Keep positive and love your life to the full !


Hello Bruce you And I Have a lot in common 15 years a go was attacked and Had My Back broken five places This year July 2016 Had A Tia

being The last one Of my family Felt I Could not bare the thought Of strangers looking After me Got very low you said MRI Scan I Am Still Waiting Seven Years

Just Take Things Daily And try to enjoy The rest Of My Life

April lost my mother buried 6th of may My dad died 8th May Buried on my Birthday But my family has Had Nothing To Do With Me As Half brothers And One half Sister They Turn Evil was Robbed With The Will Not that I Need Anything

May I Wish You very Well You had A Wicked Time life Does Go on As Your Proof helping people like Me Carry on yes I Understand where Your coming from

May I Wish you Very well try thinking Of Karma It does work kind regards



Hi Will

Thank you for the reply and we do indeed have experience in common! However we live until we are granted parole from this world and finally allowed to rejoin those we've loved and lost, that have merely gone before us to pave the way! They are not gone but just out of sight..my Mum visits me from Spirit each day to make sure I'm okay and coping, which I keep trying to be! This world is no longer the world I was born into and that makes life hard. Then we are oppressed and have to fight those who claim to care as well as our demons. Though if it doesn't destroy you it makes you stronger they say and that explains how I am able to do all I am in spite of the time bomb. I refuse to live in fear of the inevitable we all must face! :-)


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