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Who knew that a brain haemorrhage is actually a stroke?!

I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (basilar artery aneurysm) in 1989. About a year later, a friend gave me a book entitled "Stroke"! I said "I haven't had a stroke I've had a haemorrhage"...."Read the book..." And yes, my haemorrhage is a type of stroke. A bit upset to have had a stroke at tender age of 27!! Another poster commented on the lack of aftercare...trust me it was even worse then...i.e. non-existent! My "therapist" was my amazing mother, who got me physically fit in a couple of months, but the memory took years to recover. I would be happy to be there for anyone who has had a stroke whilst young...I am full of good tips...basically do the opposite of most of what I did and you'll recover more quickly

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I also have had SAH, (admittedly at the venerable age of 51) and find the the issue of it not being perceived as Stroke quite confusing, particularly as frequently access to support and services are dependant on the medical diagnosis you have been given, there has been a move in our area to break down the silo's between provision based on diagnosis and move to more of an approach based on the effect of what has happen to the patient. I originally joined this forum in the Headway group, which is a much more generic one with Traumatic and Acquired brain injuries treated equally.


Hello MODonnell

My mum is at the age of 53. She had suffered incidentally hemorrhagic stroke due to the basilar artery aneurysm like you. So please give me some suggestions to recover and the way we should care her.Then please let me know what kinds of nutrient foods should we feed ? Share me please your recovery journey too. Thank you so much………I'm waiting your reply.

Yours Sincerely,


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So much for replies, eh?

I had a Hemorrhagic stroke about 7 months ago and (at the moment) it depends where in the country you get treatment - or how much money you have. I was fortunate to be in a place that had pretty good care.

I have an appointment now, will hopefully get back to this in a bit.

I have just seen my brain! WOW!!! First time for everything. There are very small spots that could be a number of things, but they're being tested for their stroke giving potential.

But enough about me...



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