Hi, I had a massive stroke in 1977, I still can't use my right arm and my right leg is very week. They told my mum I won't last longer than 3 months. But as you can see I am still going. I have 2 beautiful children & 1 grandson with another one on the way.

I am strong most of the time, but some days I get annoyed and frustrated. But I guess that's normal.

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  • yes a would say thats norma; i only ha dma stroke nov 15 and i feel so flustrated as most dont understand how hard every day things can be i hate mornings as that is when i am at ma worse find it so hard to get washed and dressed

  • exactly the same here Dobiedogz. I think acceptance is the most difficult to achieve . I want to be my old self and I wonder sometimes if others think I'm swinging the lead.

    I think we just have to get on with it!

    love Annlyyn

  • thank you for your reply Shezhan, yes ,like you I try to count my blessings but some days I am very annoyed with myself. I have tried to analyse my mental problem and I think that no matter how hard my husband tries he isn't as organised and tidy as I was, and I am unable to do most things by myself. I hope that now I know what the problem is I will not be as critical.Some positive moves I have made:

    I sold my house and built an extension 'granny flat' at my daughters so she can help with my care and I help out with the three children

    2 I bought a "work station for food preparation with spikes to hold veg. etc and a clamp to hold bread in place.

    3 I bought a slow cooker so I don't have to lift casseroles into the oven.

    4. I found a brilliant young home help who comes twice a week and is very tidy. I pay for it with my PIP

    4. I grow plants and bulbs in pots in the garden using an old patio table as a potting bench . The colours and flowers give me joyalthough I can't do ordinary gardening.

    5. I am writing a novel based on an actual incident in Stockport that I read about in an old newspaper.

    so I am hoping for success from my cruel stroke.

    love Annlynn

  • Hi. I had my Stroke in 1998 (SHA) at the age off 32. Yes staying strong is the best policy. Yes getting annoyed & frustrated is very common. I don't think about my previous life & only focus on my future. This is the best thing to do "believe me"


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