Hi, I had a massive stroke in 1977, I still can't use my right arm and my right leg is very week. They told my mum I won't last longer than 3 months. But as you can see I am still going. I have 2 beautiful children & 1 grandson with another one on the way.

I am strong most of the time, but some days I get annoyed and frustrated. But I guess that's normal.

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  • yes a would say thats norma; i only ha dma stroke nov 15 and i feel so flustrated as most dont understand how hard every day things can be i hate mornings as that is when i am at ma worse find it so hard to get washed and dressed

  • I think it's pretty normal tbh, I had my second stroke in feb 2013 and still suffer with the after effects, most of which I hide very well but I get the urge to punch people who insist on telling me I'm as good as new. They have no clue how much effort it takes to appear normal. Mine is described as left sided weakness and yet I'm as strong as an ox, my problem is I've lost all dexterity. I thing I'm holding things and before I know it they're on the floor. I have foot drop which makes me stumble and if I transfer my weight to my left foot my whole left leg trembles severely. My hands go into spasm and I'm no longer trusted with sharp knives as I've cut myself so often. The tiredness is the thing that really gets me, I get exhausted doing the smallest thing. I've given up trying to get back to normal, that will never happen. I have a new normal and that's how I deal with it, acceptance of my limitations.

  • exactly the same here Dobiedogz. I think acceptance is the most difficult to achieve . I want to be my old self and I wonder sometimes if others think I'm swinging the lead.

    I think we just have to get on with it!

    love Annlyyn

  • thank you for your reply Shezhan, yes ,like you I try to count my blessings but some days I am very annoyed with myself. I have tried to analyse my mental problem and I think that no matter how hard my husband tries he isn't as organised and tidy as I was, and I am unable to do most things by myself. I hope that now I know what the problem is I will not be as critical.Some positive moves I have made:

    I sold my house and built an extension 'granny flat' at my daughters so she can help with my care and I help out with the three children

    2 I bought a "work station for food preparation with spikes to hold veg. etc and a clamp to hold bread in place.

    3 I bought a slow cooker so I don't have to lift casseroles into the oven.

    4. I found a brilliant young home help who comes twice a week and is very tidy. I pay for it with my PIP

    4. I grow plants and bulbs in pots in the garden using an old patio table as a potting bench . The colours and flowers give me joyalthough I can't do ordinary gardening.

    5. I am writing a novel based on an actual incident in Stockport that I read about in an old newspaper.

    so I am hoping for success from my cruel stroke.

    love Annlynn

  • Hi. I had my Stroke in 1998 (SHA) at the age off 32. Yes staying strong is the best policy. Yes getting annoyed & frustrated is very common. I don't think about my previous life & only focus on my future. This is the best thing to do "believe me"