Hello everyone,I'm shannon I'm 19 years old and I'm such a worrier😭I've suffered with my chest for so many years,had so many tests and stuff and everyone has come back okay,I've always been scared and still am and. Ow I'm going through the point where on Thursday night my left left started feeling funny and my arm,my face feels quiet like tight,well I went hospital had bloods and everything come back okay now I'm scared it stroke and I'm always scared about my heart please someone help😭

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  • Well I'm scared it's a stroke😭,I've had it since Friday I'm always looking stuff up,would a blood test pick anything up

  • How did you get no warning signs? How did you find out then? I don't no I've got to go back to my doctor😭 And I get chest pains,in my back,arm

  • Like Dobiedoz i had no warning the morning i had my stroke got up washed dressed had a drink and breakfast got ready for my morning job at school. Sat down and my left arm went dead. At the beginning of the week had done my usual things like going for my morning swim after school and all my other things i usually do in the week. Mind you i always had high blood pressure but was never put on tablets thats how come i had my stroke i think. Would suggest you ask if there are any more tests that could help. I know it is easy to say but not to do try not to worry.

  • Sorry but only a professional like a doctor or your consultant can really help or give you advice. Just feep positive and try to live a healthy life it is amazing how strong and resiliant your bodty is. All the best for the future. I am 74 and had a stroke nine months ago but with effort am doing well. Take care

  • I went to the hospital and they don't bloods and everything and it all come back okay and I've just been to the doctors and they have said the same,I can't help but worry and I can't stop reading up on stuff😭

  • She also said to me I'm healthy and everything but still scares me😭

  • So basically it don't matter weather your healthy or not😭

  • They tested my clotting x

  • Yes they checked most things my doctor said

  • What could it be😭 I've had a bad head since last night now too much stressing and looking things up

  • And say what😭 I've been today

  • They no I'm scared of heart and now this😭

  • No but when you read up and stuff it scared me and yes I've had loads of ecgs x

  • No I haven't,where do you get that from,well I bet anyone does it,but I do it all the time😔

  • Because I get pain and stuff😒

  • I get chest pain/pain in my back,my arm,arms

  • It comes whenever but not all the time

  • What's worrying me is all this stuff going on now what is it if all bloods come back okay

  • My leg feels weird and goes like tight same with my arm

  • You asked me what was wrong I told you

  • What about my chest or what I'm going through now

  • It's hard to describe

  • Not a what?

  • I thought people are meant to help

  • What do you mean?

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