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Different Strokes
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Good morning, I've just joined this community.

On 23 May, whilst at work, I had a stroke. I'm 47. I work as an admin officer in the NHS. My quick thinking colleagues found a wheelchair, wheeled me across to A&E and I was scanned and thrombolised within an hour or so of it happening. I've been on 300mg of aspirin for the last two weeks and am today starting Clopidogrel which I am told I have to be on indefinitely. Does anyone have experience of this drug? My CT scan was clear, there is no bleed on the brain and the ultrasound of my arteries was clear too - nothing furry going on! I've been told to not drive for four weeks and am currently signed off work for a month.

I never thought this would happen to me. I do have co-morbidities (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatoid Vasculitis, Fibromyalgia), but have a healthy diet. The on-call Consultant Physician in A&E told me that being Asian and female counted against me - well there's not much I can do about that!!


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I understand where you are coming from but #i have had a full stroke that unfortunately a locum diagnosed as a mini stroke and left me at home where it became a full blown stroke.

I noticed that you mentioned you have vasculitis which I suffer from and I also have Lupus SLE and had heart attacks seizure and other problems with my spine

However My Stroke was five years ago nearly and I got back to driving after year and drove to Manchester until last year when vasculitis together with hardened arteries made me give up long drives at 70 years of age I wonder if you have been checked for Lupus as your Asian background makes you more subject to this disease. I no Longer have clopidogril but take 1 simvastatin one tablet each nite with no side effects and hopefully will not have another stroke

best wishes for a full recovery



Jean, thank you for your reply. I've never been checked for lupus, but will have a conversation with my rheumatologist when I see her next month. Sorry that you were misdiagnosed in the first instance, it's so important to be treated correctly and promptly.

I am back at work, final week of phased return, then back to full time hours until 1 September when I am hoping to reduce slightly.

Thank you Nina :)


I'm on clopidogrel and have been seven months, have had no problems with it.

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Hi Nina, I too have been put on clopidogrel, have no problems with that at the moment. Will keep you posted. Had mini stroke (Tia ) 4 weeks ago.

Good luck with yours.

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been on clypogel for 7 month since my stroke have had no side evects


Hi Nina, sorry to hear about your stroke. Re the Clopidogrel I took that drug for many years with no adverse effects.

Unfortunately I had a major stroke immediately just before I was due to have an ablation to remedy my atrial fibrallation. I now take warfarin among other drugs (quite a cocktail in fact) I am not keen on pumping all these chemicals into my system but I have to bow to the superior knowledge of the NHS professionals.

It must be a lot for you to cope with, having rheumatoid arthritis, which I know is almost unbearable when you have a flare up (my husband also has this condition )but to have the other conditions as well is just not fair.

Yes , not much you can do about your gender and ethnicity but please now that I care and am sending you my very best wishes.

I hope this warm weather is helping you


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Thank you Anne for your kind words. I do hope your cocktail of drugs is helping you x


i had stroke 7 months ago and still not allowed to drive have u done the ot driving assesment yet ?i have it not hard a just keep loosing my concintration but a will keep trying as they keep saying it can take up to a year didnt relise that i had had a stroke untll two days later and was in hospital for one month


though medecation was meant to prevent other strokes from happening pbviously not helpt u


thank you, definitely worth thinking about.


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