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Life insurance


I had a stroke 2 month ago and recovered well as I was thrombolysed. My life insurance expires this month, and have been declined due to health. I am unsure if it’s due to investigations ongoing into stroke. Does everyone else have issues getting cover or can recommend a company that insure post stroke 😏

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Ive not even tried apart from for holidays.

Im 65 now and the house is paid for , ive just taken a policy out for the Over50’s with no health check needed.

Not a great policy for the premium but better than no policy at all.


I’m only 52, and still have a mortgage. I also have an inflammatory arthritis which complicates things. Keen to keep pressure off hubby if anything happens 😏

like Janet I've not tried as I'm 63, house is paid for and my term insurance carries on till I'm 69 as that was when the mortgage was due to be paid off before I paid it off early. I would assume your options will be limited and no doubt very expensive.

I see in your bio that you live in the United Kingdom, I don’t know about there but I do know in the US you cannot get it if you have had a stroke due to APS/Hughes Syndrome. I am now 56 had stroke at 53. Fortunately I had it prior, privately. Best of luck.

Are you still working? Maybe you can get it as a benefit through your employer..would be interested to know. I am no longer working as I have been classified “disabled” because my “executive functioning” has been effected. Let us know...

Hi thanks for the reply. I have my enquired any further, as I am still waiting on test results to discover why I had a stroke. Have no risk factors other than AS which Rheumy doesn’t feel would cause it as inflammation is fairly well controlled.

I am currently going through the process of ill health retirement, so employer is a no go. Hoping to travel once pension is sorted, just hoping travel insurance isn’t as problematic

I had not had any risk factors either except stress and the holidays. Luckily I had a physician who knew about APS and tested me for it and there it was- not a great prize to win...what is AS?

Ankylosing Spondylitis, an inflammatory arthritis that affects the spine causing fusion. It also affects most of my other joints. Is APS antiphosolipid syndrome


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I have a friend who has AS I just didn’t know it was abbrev as such. She found out she had it of her back suddenly, had to have emergency surgery and is working very hard to get back to her “normal” as she can. She lost her ability to walk, etc. This can be very disabilatating. I hope the best for you

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I also had no risk factors before my strokes My Gp described me as the person he least expected to have a stroke as I was so fit. It took a year after my second stroke to be diagnosed with Aps because they kept insisting I didn't have an auto - immune issue, well funnily enough I did so they looked a bit stupid and never mentioned it again.

I had a full vasculitis screen which looks at many antibodies, so would assume APS would show up on those tests 😏

Don’t assume anything. Please ask them directly if you were tested for it. Many doctors are still unaware this disease even exists. You must ask. Let us know, hugs. Cindy

Just checked my results and they did test for APS and lupus, both were negative 👍

Ye ha, I’m glad for you! That’s wonderful, did I hey figure out why you had the stroke?

Not yet. Still waiting on 7 day ecg result, to see if it shows AF. Suspect it might as my Fitbit shows my pulse 170-180 for short bursts, but result won’t be back for another month yet



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