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Diabetes...Modern medicines and Ayurved


I fully agree that nothing can beat modern medicin( read Allopathy) in life saving and surgery.But there are certain ailments which require a diffrent approach.For example,take diabetes.Modern medicine prescribes tablets which pushes beta cells in pancreas to produce insulin.After sometimes,with increasing potency,tablets becomes ineffective and the patient depends on insulin injections.The human body becomes resistant to all these medications and modern doctors advise for beta cells transplant/ stemm cell treatment.All costly affairs.And not under everybodies approach.Why not think of repairing liver and pancreas so that it start working in a natural way?It is like a car with batteries down and you are just pushing it,first yourself then asking for others to push your car.ArreyBhai,why not get the batteries charged,so that the car will run on its own?Well, Ayurved has thought about it.Insulin was invented in 1921 only.All great diabetologists recommend the medicines reaserched by western world,which have different life style,eating habits,different climatic conditions etc.Ayurved first cleans your toxins then repairs your vital necessary organs and make them fully operational.For example,if you have diabetes,take Kumari Asav,Khadirarist and Ashwagandharist for about six months alongwith Ayurvedic churn which I have written in my other blogs.And then see the results.One more thing people may not be aware of that with modern tablets/ insulin there are not only so many side effect( a good doctor will tell you about side effects) there is a chance of hypoglecema which happens without warning and which can bring a cardiac arrest.That is why doctors tell diabetics to keep some sort of sweets like candy etc always with you for immediate assistance.The beauty of Ayurvedic medicines are that once they bring your BS level to acceptable level they stop there only.No side effects,no hypo.This is not about Diabetes only,there are many other ailments where modern system has only one course of action i.e. surgery,but homeopathy ayurved and other traditional systems are very helpfull.Maharishi Charak has said that there is not a single plant on this planet which does not have a medicinal property.So be Indian,encourage Indian way of life.

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Pl. suggest some Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes and how to take them during the day, so that every one take the benifit from your knoweledge.

Or you can reply my question at ramanjitsidhu@yahoo.co.in

Your can use methi seeds soaked overnight and take in the morning. Another one is take a tsp of cinnamon powder along with food. It help control blood sugar. These some of the items readily available in our kitchens


I am a blood sugar patient. As per doctor's opinion I am a Type 2 patient. Now I am taking Walaphage 500 twice a day after meals as advised by Doctor along with Ayurveda Medicines. At present my sugar levels are in control, specially in Fasting and in PP the level shows, to some extent, high. I am also walking in the evening. After reading the above blog I am enriched with more informations in the matter for which I am thanking the writer.

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