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I am diabetic for over 10 years now. My last B/S level fasting was 274 but never had any symptoms , why?

I have been advised by doctor to inject insulin twice daily with a total of 18 units along with a tablet Glimulin MF and Prandial 2 mg twice daily. After starting this medicine, I am having more symptoms like Giddiness, more sleeplessness, tiredness. Unable to do exercise for long because after walking about 2 KM briskly, I get giddiness which was not there before I started this treatment. So, I do not exercise, but take the medicine regularly. Am I doing correctly?

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Thanks for your valuable advise. I understand that I need to build reserves. I shall follow your advise and consult an ayurvedic doctor. Thanks again.


Dear Dr Arun

Thanks for your answer,. But I fail to understand the relevance to my problem with what you suggested. I do not have any other ailments other than diabetes. However appreciate your advise.

Thanks and kind regards



don't believe in him. He is not a doctor may be his initials are D.R. he is a cheat.


Remember my cheppal.


Thanks for the information. I will not communicate with him no more.


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