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I became diabete after my heart surgery (valve replacement) in 2009. Taking Insulin 15 and 10 morning & evening respectively. GEMER-1 A.noon

For the last 2 months going for evening walk for an hour and found sugar levels are reduced. Restricted taking insulin to one time in the morning of the same dose and taking GEMER-1 mg in the afternoon. I found fasting sugar is at 155. I wanted to avoid taking insulin. Is there any solution? Please advice.

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Will please tell us how u had an heart problem.


Heart problem (mitral valve size was reduced) was diognised in 1982. it was opend to normal size and keeping regular check ups.Doctors advised to replace the valve in 2009. health was quite normal no BP or Sugar. after 4 months of operation noticed weight loss and consulted the doctor.After chek ups noticed sugar 450 plus. Since that time continuing insulin.


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