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I am 48 Yr. old diabetic patient with HEART DISEASE (PTCA of RCA) WHAT ABOUT LCHF for HEART PATIENT

I am 48 Yr. old diabetic patient with HEART DISEASE (PTCA of RCA) Medicines are as follows Triglimiprex 1 for diabetes, Eltoxin 50 for Thyroid at morning empty stomach, Telma 40 & Nebi 5 - after meal, Ceruvin A 75+75 & Simvotin 20 at night. WHAT ABOUT & TYPE of LCHF for HEART PATIENT

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Dear Mr Singh, Diabetes is the mother of a no of life threatening crippling diseases like high BP, Coronary Artery , Heart Failure , Brain stroke etc...

problem gets compounded when most Medicos and pharma companies focus only on symptoms related treatments and patients have no choice but to obey them....

Good news is there are few logical and time tested options available that can save people from operations and provide them with QUALITY LIFE .. that too at just fraction of cost of undergoing Heart/Brain related surgeries and then living a crippled/restricted life...

I hope people get that wisdom and take a well informed wise decision for there Precious Life..

take care



THANKS, But WHAT TYPE of LCHF food & fruits for me Veg. & Non veg


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