Clearing some doubts abt Diabetics Registry

Dear all,

Thanks for your concern, sharing,caring,cursing,blessing, appreciations etc. etc.

It is quite natural that if a cat falls in hot water then whenever it sees water( irrespective or hot or cold) it will definitely be afraid of.

You might have many bad expereinces, it is quite normal that we are living in a society mixed with goodness and evils. ( Forget the evil and chrish the goodness is the principle of life)

Please Do not be apprehensive, do not be irreasonable and do not be prejudiced, Our and your aim is one: GET RID OF THIS KILLER DISORDER FROM US if its is not possible live peacefully by managing this. This is our very humble effort, whether it can be called a Herculean Task, A Yeomon Service, An agency work for a Mecince Manufcturing Co. or anything else. We have a clean vision and mission. If it's failed we will not be sorry. It is our effort to serve the society as a social animal with sense, sensitivity and sensibility,empahty and sympathy.


for Diabetics' Fraternity Foundation

Paul Daniel


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2 Replies

  • Put up a website and have guys register online (whoever is interested to reveal their medical records to your organization ... I am not because i sense all this data will be sold to multiple entities for profit)


    Do not hide WHOIS record of domain. We can then really check if we want to from the whois record of domain ...

    Mention on website everything about your organization, purpose, trustees, their background etc etc.

  • KEEP IN TOUCH........

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