Surprising statistics about Diabetes in India!

The Times of India report, "The health ministry's fresh data shows one out of every four persons living in the urban slums of Chennai suffer from diabetes — which is three times higher than the national average of about 7%."

I was surprised to read this. What do you think?

Later the article said, "Medical experts say poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for the rise in diabetes among the urban poor."

You can see the rest of the article here:


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1 Reply

  • Get all the Walmart et al in India and more of this will happen. Why is GOI suprised?

    They render people jobless. How many would be hit by entry of Walmart in India? Politicians ill earned money comes back to India in form of Walmarts et al ... is everyone blind? M ore the politicians swindle money more FDI comes in. Doesn;t everyone see the direct correlation?

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