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November 14th: World Diabetes Day 2022

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Every year on November 14th, it's World Diabetes Day. It's to bring awareness of how Diabetes can affect people all over the world.

Here's some information that was originally posted on explaining how World Diabetes Day helps bring awareness and information on Diabetes, in general. World Diabetes Day started in 1991. Please see:

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Had never heard about this day, not until I was told I had a fatty liver did I learn much about how bad diabetes could be and how it causes so much damage to the liver!!!

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Year 1674 "Just a sip, Doctors diagnosing diabetes would taste the urine of the patient."

People say the modern way of eating is what is causing diabetes?

What did give diabetes in 1674 and if the doctor tasted urine to check for sugar, was there any infection risk for the doctor?

November 14 1891, "Frederick Banting is born, Born in Ontario, Banting was one of the two scientists who led the research into discovering insulin. "

"World Diabetes Day founded".

"On Banting's 100th birthday, the IDF and WHO declare World Diabetes Day to spread awareness about the illness throughout the world during a rising diabetes epidemic. "

How best to remember this date ? There is one birthday in November, my grandson birthday, a test tube baby. My birthday is in December, I may miss it.

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sandybrown ,

Thank you for adding/sharing the information about insulin and Banting. Very helpful.😀👍

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