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India fights Covid19-Please watch this video , help fight Covid19 and avoid Covid19 complications.

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In extention to my previous post, I came across this video message from a Doctor who treats Covid patients.

It is quite is for your Health & for your safety ........please don't miss it.

Stay Safe , Stay Healthy, take care πŸ™

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Thank you for this post.

Excellent ! I have seen this in my engineering graduates group. India is way ahead and better than USA.

This doctor gave an interview a year ago.

Can Homeopathy cure COVID-19? - Dr Manoj Kuriakose BHMS - Prema The Journalist - Full Interview -#51

The question is how many people watched? Just under 6000 views.

The video clip in this post is very well explained as video clip goes.

Take care.

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Dear Sandy Please don't go as per no of you tube views.

I saw this particular video from a whatsapp forward.......When I found it useful and I wanted to insert this in a post in this forum , I was not able to copy and paste in this post.. so I had to create a link through you tube. .

So this video is available in you tube as private one (inserted by me - not meant for commercial viewing but to get a link )

So it does not appear so easily on the screen.

If I want to delet this video from you tube , it would get deleted here from the post.

Anyway, if it is informative and you can implement it, I think I have done my job πŸ™‚

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sandybrown in reply to namaha

Thank you for doing the implementation of the video clip for members to watch. The video clip do explain Covid % every clearly. The animation makes it very interesting to watch.

Today the technology is here to create a good video clip. A lot of animated video clips are available, there are some just video attachment.

Let us cope many members get the benefit from the information.

Thank you.

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