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The Rice Diet Revisited- Who & what drove Dr. Kempner to invent the Rice Diet!

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Dr Walter Kempner ( 1903-1997) was Nazi Refugee in Germany during world war-2, who taught in Dukes University. During 1939, he was treating his hypertension Patients with Kidney failure. Those days there was no kidney transplant , no dialysis....and the patients those days knew that the final outcome of the disease is death....( Even today there is no medication for kidney failure, if there is a donor, then transplant is an option ) .

Dr waltner thought if Low salt would cure hypertension, Low Fat would reduce cholesterol, Low protein diet could cure kidney failure .....if one eats too much protein , it puts a lot of pressure in kidney to clear the metabolic waste such as urea, uric acid, creatinine....

So he devised a food consisting of Low salt, Low Fat , Low protein..and he discovered that Rice is Low salt, low protein, low fat he chose Rice as staple diet for his patients. Along with Rice , he gave fruits the diet was called Rice fruit diet....

So the 2000 Calori Diet consisted of 5% protein, 3% fat & 92% Complex carbohydrate from Rice. He gave some vitamin B and Iron supplements.

Guess what , out of 200 patients he enrolled, the success rate was 80% Which means 80% people reversed their metabolic conditions....and some of them were diabetes with hypertension & kidney failure...

So much so, he was so convinced about his rice diet that if some patients were not complying , he used to whip the patients....which he confessed before his death.

While many challenged his diet, but he had meticulously maintained all medical record of blood tests, urine, x-ray....which made an he is no more ...but his Research work is documented in all international medical journals....if you google Kempner rice diet, you will get millions of hits.....

Today this forms the basis of low fat whole plant food diet for all diseases including diabetes ( diabetes is the master of Cholesterol, blood pressure and kidney failure ). Today, Low Fat plant based whole food is not restricted to rice & fruit covers the entire universe of whole plant food and many plant based food doctors /Nutritionist / naturopath are successfully practising this diet to reverse the metabolic syndrom all over the world.. They pay homage to Dr kempner's for his discovery work on Rice diet research .....very intersting story....

Today, Diabetes in India don't want to eat Rice .....other non-diabetes are also not eating Rice to stay away from diabetes, though they don't mind eating McDonald burger, Domino's Pizza, Samosa, Batata wada, Medu wada, Puri, Kachori, Pakoda, paneer pokoda, Chicken mutton fry/ Briyani ... ...but in reality it is not the Rice which is the seems to be the saturated fat and animal protein....which are consumed along with rice ....

Anyway, no takers for Rice in India πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.....but there seems to be a big trend of Indian rice becoming a staple diet all over the world ..india exports this year 16 million tonnes of Rice worth 8 Billion USD to the rest of the this article. India is the largest exporter of Rice to the entire world.


This is for information and education purpose.This is not a medical advice.. you may please get guided by your doctor if you have a metabolic conditions.

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Thank you.

Thank you namaha. Very interesting and informative. True, here in India diets (especially the famous ones) advocate not having rice, but the evidence you give is to the contrary.

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nice write up, thanks for it.

"Both white and brown rice contain mainly carbohydrate and some protein, with virtually no fat or sugar."

Doctor rice is selling sugar free rice? given the statement I am not sure what is special about doctor rice?

It is the carb that we need lookout for?

Take care.

First they demonized fats and promoted Carbs. Now, fats are darling and carbs are evil. Rice eaters are advised to eat wheat. Wheat eaters are advised to eat rice. Some are advising to eat millet. Now milk and milk products are new villains. So, everyone is trying to eat something different which he or she ate for whole life.

namahaAdministrator in reply to don9999

One should not get confused! πŸ˜€

(1) If one has diabetes , first one should know his current status by testing his fasting insulin & c-peptide which will indicate as to how much insulin his pancreas is producing ? So you know your pancreas status and whether you need medication and to what extent! Always consult a good endocrinologist in your city or nearest city.

(2) you eat whatever you like - you have many dietary options as being advised by many people around you! They may have some logic in what they say and you need to understand the logic ....dont believe need to do your own research a bit..i am sure you would be serious to reverse your conditions or at least improve upon.

you should have a reliable Glucometer at home...and should be ready to test multiple times when ever should not get scared of pricking...

More important is to go for a Laboratory test every 3 months...which is crucial....some diet may give you blood glucose under control for the short term , but in medium to long term may result in to complications as other critical important parameters goes out of control.

Just check if your diet is giving you desired results as follows with given a set of physical exercise of at least 1 hour per day...or 30mnts twice daily.

(A)Blood sugar fasting within 100, PP within 140. HBA1c less than 6.5 with minimum medication

(B) Your lipid profile within limits as per reference range HDL min 50, LDL Max 100, Triglyceride max 150 preferably below 100.(Without statin )

(C) Your BP less than 120/80 without BP drug

(D) Your hsCRP less than 1

(E) You get sound sleep of 7-8 hours every night.

(F) You are able to maintain healthy BMI with the diet...

(G) your KFT & LFT is normal. ( Kidney & Liver)

If you are able to maintain the above , your diet is absolutely correct. ...and you need not have to change your dietary pattern..

But if you are not able to meet the above parameters you should explore and look for change.

Safe journey πŸ™

No comment with regard to the rice diet, apart from people tend to buy-in to a theory then exclude evidence that doesn't support it.

I think you're spot on with the c-peptide testing. Everyone should aim for optimal insulin levels, with high levels indicating over-consumption of carbohydrates (and potentially protein).

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