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New Poll: What Healthy Grains Do You Eat/Add To Your Diabetes Diet?


We have a new poll dealing with healthy grains that you eat/add to for your Diabetes diet. It's a multiple choice poll. Please leave a comment in the Comments section if you don't see the choice of grain that you use/eat in the choices. Please see:

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since past one year I am eating only Millets( 4 varieties) and my blood sugar levels are very much in control.

sandybrown in reply to guptarv

what are the 4 verities please?

mapillai samba rice, katuyanam rice, emmer wheat, barley, and basmati rice

Black rice, brown rice, steel cut oats, sprouted wheat bread containing sprouted wheat berries, sprouted barley and sprouted millet.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to MarleneCares

Thank you for sharing what you use for grains.😀👍🌈

Welcome to the DI group.😀👍🌈

How’s it going for you today?

Breakfast Any millet like ragi/bajra/Fox tail millet/buck wheat/black rice/Quinoa. Lunch rice any red rice/black rice/native unpolished basmati rice 50 to 70 grams with lentils and lots and lots of veggies. Dinner samba /emmer wheat with lots of veggies

Activity2004Administrator in reply to mistidahi

How much wheat do you have in your diet? :-)

One roti may be 25gms with lots of methi leaves incorporated in the mix

Low carbohydrate from whole grains is a key

A protein source is a must in every meal. Lentils, egg and fish etc. I prefer lentils. We have wide range of lentils and pulse recipes in india

Activity2004Administrator in reply to mistidahi

Thank you for the information. This is very helpful. :-)

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