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March 2021 Reading Rabbits 🐇📖


Calling All Readers!

This is our March 2021 Reading Rabbits Book Posting. You can post your comments and suggestions about any book/magazine/newspaper that does/doesn't have to do with any medical issues on this posting. You can mention about your favorite authors, as well. This posting will be pinned to the Pinned Posts for easier access.

This is the updated list of books that I will plan on reading. Some of them are from a trilogy/series. They are:

1. A Clean Kill –- Leslie Glass

2. The Institute -- Stephen King

3. The Guest List -- Fern Michaels

4. The 6th Target -- James Patterson

5. The Apt Pupil -- Stephen King

6. Mr. Mercedes -- Stephen King

7. Finders Keepers -- Stephen King

8. End of Watch -- Stephen King

9. The Search -- Nora Roberts/JD Robb

10. Weekend Warriors –- Fern Michaels

11. Christmas Shopaholic –- Sophie Kinsella

12. Crazy House –- James Patterson

13. The Colorado Kid (Hard Case

Crimes) –- Stephen King

14. Firefly Lane — Kristin Hannah

15. Firestarter – Stephen King

16. True Colors – Kristin Hannah

I have been reading “I Heart London”, by Lindsey Kelk for a while now. I’m on Chapter 13; page 202. It’s where Angela Clark’s friends Jenny and Louisa were getting the wedding plans figured out for Angela and Angela’s fiancé, Alex Reid. The plan was to have the wedding be scheduled for a Saturday—in London. The interesting part is, Alex doesn’t want his parents to be invited.

Jenny is with Angela to look and try on wedding dresses. Louisa is helping with phone numbers of where she had gotten her wedding preplanned/organized. She said she’d give the phone numbers and who she had talked to for catering/gowns/music/etc.. This was to be done the next morning. Jenny and Louisa are also Angela’s Bride’s Maids/Matrons for the wedding, so Jenny is taking a lot of notes to figure out how to get everything Angela had wanted. She said no to white doves.

While Jenny, Louisa and Angela were with Angela’s mother to look for wedding dresses, they came to a shop that wasn’t on the list that Louisa gave everyone and Angela with the help from a store employee, she was able to get the perfect wedding dress for Saturday’s big day. The employee said she would come to Angela’s parent’s house and deliver the dress after altering a few inches here and there and make sure she wasn’t late that same day.

After leaving the dress shop, both Jenny and Louisa are not too happy and they both start acting like Angela is playing favorites towards the other friend. This of course, isn’t true and both aren’t at Angela’s parent’s house when she gets back from a mini visit with her ex-boyfriend, Mark. Alex doesn’t know about this get together, but Angela plans to tell him later when she sees him the next day and have a talk about what had happened.

We’ll see what happens next.

Okay, now to you! What have you been reading or plan to start reading very soon for the month? Can’t wait to hear all about it! The next book I will read after “I Heart London “ will be “A Clean Kill“, by Leslie Glass. Leslie Glass also writes the April Woo mystery series. Happy reading!

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I have finished reading “I Heart London, by Lindsey Kelk. I enjoyed it and was extremely pleased with the way it had ended. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading romance stories before going to bed each night. Very sweet story!

My next book is “A Clean Kill”by Leslie Glass. It’s a mystery.😀👍🌈📚🐇📖

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