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Fatty liver & diabetes. Have had type#2 for 15 yrs. Have tried,Many diets,


Need a good plan that will work for myself & wife's medical issues. We are a limited income, retired couple trying to do what works for both of us.

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You did not mention about your weight, BMI?

And what ls your HBA1c History??

Are you a veg or non veg ?

What is your current medication.?

What is your other life style conditions such as when do you get up , what kind of exercise you are doing , what kind of food have you tried still now , when do you go to sleep etc ??

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Hi Namaha, my BMI is somewhere near 42Last year my A1C (not sure the HB)6.4 but this year I had a hard alot of drama & stress lost a good friend & now best friend lost leg due to diabetes and blood circulation below the knee. This A1c got up 7.9 but in July got it back down to 7.2 and hoping back down to the 6's.Not sure bout veg or non, not one so must be non.I takeOnglyza 5mg 1/day.I take Novolog insulin in flex pens 16 units before each meal, I take Levemir 74 units twice a day once at lunch & once at bedtime.When I can due, other responsibilities I try to ride bike 2 miles, 3 times a week. I suffer with bad back degenerative disk disease. I have several joints have been replaced and I am waiting on a left shoulder joint replacement hopefully this winter, it has 2 spurs in the joint causing me alot of pain. I stay very active, I have a wife that is suffering from a severe IBS, she has finished 8 separate meds that have not curbed her diareaha. So that means I do all here at home cook,clean, laundry, go to grocery, plus I am chairman of my trustees at our church for last 10 yrs, coming to an end next April. I have sister that is 7 yrs older than me and I have been securing her stay in nursing home with Medicaid, for the last month. My days start by 7am & and don't end midnight sometimes later, this week I have had last 3 nights to 2 am. I know I need more rest and when thats possible I take it, but other times just doesn't happen. Due to my wife's eating, we don't have any fried, spicy, or greasy,I try to cook boneless chicken in crockpot, I cook tuna in casserole, we eat alot of eggs, I hard boil several most weeks. I sometimes buy something that I shoulden but I do it anyway. Such as potato chips, I drink 8 glasses of water & or drink coffee, don't drink but maybe 1 cola twice a wk maybe. don't eat much sweets. Well Leah said she was going to contact you about me so there a little bout me...What do you think> thanks for checking me out .

Ron Wise.

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The real problem is your diet.Don't blame it to stress only. Well the solution to the problems of both of you is lchf keto diet.

Ask your wife to stop wheat in any form for her ibs.You too stop grains legumes etc.Give it a time say 3-6 months. Hope she is not diabetic. But lchf keto range diet would work for you both.

Good luck.

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Thankyou for your timely reply,yes wife is a diabetic not near as bad as me,.not sure what is a Ichfbketo diet , the I will check it out thx ..

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Dear Herman

Agree with Suramo!

The solution lies with you and your wife!

You need to be on LCHF diet with your BMI.

Zero potato chips, zero cola, Zero refined carbohydrate.

Depending upon the place you are living , if there is a Nutrition specialist on Ketogenic diet, please do consult. It would be of great help. Here you can get a lot of tips on LCHF diet , but it is you who need to control your overall ratio of Fat: Protein: Carbo.

Overall calories should be hypo- calorie diet.

You need to reduce your overall inflammation of your body.

Please get in touch with your nutrition Keto specialist to guide you.

The solution for you perhaps lies in ketosis with intermediate fasting !

Please read Dr Fung's blogs !



Please go through the Low Carb High Fat group also on HU healthunlocked.com/lchf-diet to get ideas for diets which are Low carb high fat (LCHF)/KETO suitable for you and your wife.

Do not worry too much because that will not help. As such your HbA1c is not bad. It seems it is in control though with lot of medications/insulin. It is good you want to improve and the LCHF/KETO diet will be of help.

Don't underestimate the importance of enjoying what you eat.

Try eating more coconut, full-fat cheese, eggs, olives, tree nuts (not too much chestnuts, cashews or peanuts)... Get most of your carbohydrate from above ground vegetables.

You might be able to have teeny-tiny amounts of daal or chapati eventually, but junk that contains no vitamins or minerals find an alternative to. You may fancy this stuff because your metabolism is broken. Raised blood glucose means the glucose isn't getting into your cells where it is needed.

Having potato, rice, grains, cereals and to a lesser extent fruit based food will just make things worse.

you are enjoying your life inspite of your DM, with practically no control and you seem to fall into lots of temptations in taste.any advise is unlikely to be effective,due to your poor compliance to suggestions.

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