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how safe is palm jaggery for diabetics?


how safe is palm jaggery for diabetics?

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Have a look at the information in this link below:

soni1 in reply to sandybrown

what about palm jaggery


Palm jaggery is nothing but sugar in a particular form. We have to be rather careful about it. Open the link below for some information about it.

barani19Star in reply to ramana42

ramana42 sir,

I have been having palm sugar ever since i was diagnosed T2D. You are right. We need to be careful not to over indulge.

Jaggery has a number of health benefits, including regulation of blood pressure due to the presence of iron. It also beats oxidative stress and aides digestion. This is why our elders believe in having a piece of jaggery after meals. However, for diabetics, an ideal diet consists of foods that have low glycemic index."(1)

"Though complex, jaggery contains sucrose, which when absorbed by our body raises blood sugar levels. That means it is as harmful as any other form of sugar. The only difference is jaggery takes time to get absorbed in the body. People who don't have diabetes can replace sugar with jaggery."(2)

"Many people gorge on jaggery as a safe sweet replacement to curb their urge for sweet indulgence, but you would be surprised to know that jaggery has around 10-15 grams fructose in around 100 grams jaggery. So, eating it daily can simply increase your blood sugar."(3)





barani19Star in reply to gangadharan_nair

gangadharan_nair sir,

Thanks for the information on Jaggery.

Please note that Jaggery is a high glycaemic index food but palm jaggery is not.


I have done extensive research with palm sugar. I use to buy the one available in the market/road side. i have found that my BS spiked ( 30 mins spike was around 180-190 mg/dL) if i have 2-3 spoons of the same along with my morning milk.

Later i found that white sugar or normal jaggery is mixed with palm jaggery and sold. Hence i continued my search including many brands inclusive of organic ones and found a specific brand sold by palm sugar and palm products research & promotion foundation which worked out well. I can send the brand information in private chat.

Please note that I have reduced my HbA1c in spite of having 2-3 spoons of this palm sugar daily.

soni1 in reply to barani19

thanks pls send me the brand on my personal chat.

barani19Star in reply to soni1

sent soni1

chaand in reply to barani19

Plz share with me also

barani19Star in reply to chaand

sent chaand

chaand in reply to barani19

Thanks sir

girish1212 in reply to barani19

Please send me the details thanks

barani19Star in reply to girish1212

sent girish1212

How about coconut sugar? OR any other palm sugar?

soni1 in reply to sandybrown

we will have to experiment and check. I dont prick my fingers everyday to.worry about sugsr levels. I do.two tests anually with hba1c and and go for a thorough check up. so far hba1c always below 6.5 and all well without medicine

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